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Why You Should be Drinking Coffee for Fitness

Why You Should be Drinking Coffee for Fitness

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Last Updated on October 10, 2020 by Jamie

An introduction to Coffee for fitness

Good morning all, a perfect time for a coffee you may say. But what if I suggested you drink coffee prior to working out? You may state; “That sounds kind of pointless Jack.” Well, I would disagree.

Coffee has many benefits other than its aroma. Coffee does not only just have general benefits. But you can specifically utilise it for better gains in the gym.

Coffee for fitness seems to be unspoken of, but here I’m going to address all the possible benefits it could give to you.

Not only will I address the benefits of drinking coffee for fitness. But I will also dive into when, how and why you should drink coffee for fitness.

So, without further a-do let’s dive into the article of the day; Coffee for Fitness.

Using Coffee For Fitness

Benefits of Coffee for Fitness

Because there are so many benefits in drinking coffee for fitness, I’m going to list the most obvious benefits. I’ll also go through in depth the most pronounced benefits.

  • Improved Focus
  • Improved Energy
  • Elaveted Metabolism
  • Suppresed Appetite
  • Improved Fat Catabolisism
  • Imporved Athletic Perfromance
  • Improved Alertness
  • Reduced Muscle pain
  • Anti Disease properties (Antioxidants)

As you can see there are so many positive benefits attached to drinking coffee for fitness. Now, as previously stated I’ll go into more depth with the more important of said benefits.

Improved Energy – Coffee for Fitness

Coffee has been consumed for thousands of years for the purpose of improving and boosting energy. Originating in ancient south america, to now being a staple in any professionals’ life, the improved energy you acquire from coffee goes unsaid.

But what does this mean for fitness? Well consistency is key as iv’e often stated in articles such as womans fitness and the beginners workout guide.

Consistancy is tough, very tough. Especially when you’re already juggling your home life, work life and friendships. Sometimes, we just don’t have the energy to go workout. That’s where coffee can be useful.

A mug of coffee 20 minutes before a workout will do you wonders. The caffeine will give you an instant long-lasting boost of energy. You can then use this energy to break down those plateaus and make some new gains.

Similar to a preworkout, but with the difference that you’ll only be drinking the stuff that works. Without any extra crap they’ve decided to throw in!

Coffee for Workouts

Supressed Appetite – Coffee for Fitness

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. And this is certainly true, proper diet is 70% of the equation in terms of fitness. So how can coffee come into this?

When trying to cut weight or lose fat more specifically, we get to a certain point where a hormone called Leptin is released in your body abundantly. To learn more about fat loss take a look at the beginners workout guide. Leptin is the hormone responsible for making us feel hungry.

This feeling of hunger can sometimes be so powerful, that even the most disciplined of bodybuilders can succumb to missing to eating like sh*t.

So, this is where coffee for fitness comes into play. Once we start getting really hungry, mid way through or late into a diet we can add in coffee. It works best in the morning and on an empty stomach.

The caffeine in the coffee is going to actively suppress your leptin levels, keeping those disadvantageous urges away. Also, due to the thickness of coffee and it being a hot drink. It’s going to give you a level of satiation and fullness.

Elevated Metabolism – Coffee for Fat Loss

We often come across these lucky people in life that have been blessed with the gift of a fast metabolism. Where they can eat whatever under the sun and not gain a pound (not hating, just jealous).

This is most likely due to them having a more speedy metabolic turnover rate than others. Meaning their metabolism works harder and faster to digest food than the average person. This results in more calories used to absorb the food, resulting in higher fat loss.

For the rest us, we’re not so lucky. We have to actively track what we eat and exercise diligently. However, coffee for fitness can help in this respect.

Coffee is known to have metabolic acceleration effects. It can drastically speed up your metabolism. Mix this with a calorie deficit and the right type of exercise, fat will fly off of you.

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So, although us normal folk are not blessed with a fast metabolism, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re cursed with a slow one either. We can actively change it.

Coffee For Fitness

Improved Focus

Improved focus may seem like an odd benefit to include in a coffee for fitness article. But focus is vital is weightlifting and bodybuilding. A good example of this is the mind-muscle connection.

The mind-muscle connection is where you will be mentally focused on the muscle you are trying to activate. For example if I’m doing bicep curls, I’m going to wholeheartedly focus on only the contractions of my bicep muscle.

If you’re going to the gym at you’re not consciously feeling the muscle you’re trying to activate, you’re wasting your time. You could be going for years but still, it’s a hopeless venture. You must apply proper mind-muscle connection technique.

If you’re a person that struggles to focus generally (like me), coffee is a god-send. But not only for day to day activities but also in fitness. All that matters is the next rep, the next set, the next muscle contraction and so on.

Coffee almost brings you into this tunnel like state where it’s just you and your goals. Not only can you use coffee for fitness, but it’s also helpful in other aspects of your life where focus is demanded.

Conclussion to Coffee for Fitness

As stated in the intro to this article, coffee for fitness is not really spoken of or praised that much. But hopefully now you can start to respect some benefits’ coffee for fitness has.

Whether it’s improved focus, improved energy or an increase in your metabolism, coffee definitely has a place in the fitness world.

So, with this new-found knowledge try some coffee before a workout. Or, in the morning to get that extra boost of energy. As well as suppress those leptin hormones so you can reach your fitness goals hastily.

Thanks for reading today’s article about coffee for fitness and stay safe!

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