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The Best Nootropics and Adaptogens for Sex Drive

The Best Nootropics and Adaptogens for Sex Drive

What are Adaptogens and Nootropics?

Have you ever heard of the terms “adaptogens” and “nootropics”? And have you wondered what they mean and how effective they are?

Well, you have landed to the right page and need to wonder no longer because it is exactly what this article describes.

Adaptogens refer to ingredients, which are present in natural substances, such as mushrooms and plants. They aid in curing problems that you may experience such as stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

There are some food items which contain adaptogens, for instance, mushrooms, liquorice root, nettle, and moringa.

But to be regarded as an adaptogen, the ingredients should possess three main qualities. Those qualities include being able to promote homeostasis, helping the body de-stress, and being non-toxic when consumed.

Apart from consuming adaptogens in the form of food, they can be consumed in other ways as well. For instance, they are available in the form of supplements and liquids. It is reported that there are at least 70 recognized forms of adaptogens.

Nootropics, however, are a little different as compared to adaptogens. That is so because compared to adaptogens, which are natural.

Nootropics are usually found in the form of drugs or synthetic supplements, and they aid in improving the mental and cognitive functions of a person; however, they aid in relaxation and work like mood boosters.

 Apart from drugs, nootropics are available in other forms as well, such as powders and liquids, and they are also available in herbal and synthetic forms.

You may be surprised to know, but even caffeine is a nootropic. This means that you have consumed nootropics at least once in your life.

Or, for most people, they consume nootropics on a daily basis. Examples of nootropics include Adderall and Ritalin, which improve memory and focus on the consumers, whereas caffeine has been proven to show improvement in the cognitive capabilities of the consumers.

Even though nootropics are usually drug-based, some herbal nootropics are available as well, for instance, ashwagandha, ginseng, and cordyceps.

Now if you search these names, you will realize that the mentioned herbal nootropics are adaptogenic herbs as well. But it is important to note that this is not always the case. This means that not every nootropic is an adaptogen and vice versa.

Now, you may be wondering about the side-effects of nootropics. Well, the herbal nootropics, including those mentioned above, have fewer side-effects as compared to those, which are drug-based, or caffeine/nicotine based.

Especially if they are combined with other intoxicants like alcohol or other medications. The side effects of nootropics include tachycardia and increased blood pressure of the consumer.

Furthermore, they may be addictive, which can give rise to further problems.

Causes behind a Low Sex Drive

Sex-drive is a topic which may be considered taboo in many cultures and people may not feel comfortable while discussing it with their peers, partners, or even with a medical professional.

Some people may not even want to acknowledge it because of the social negativity that is attached with experiencing low libido or experiencing the problems attached to it.

It is, however, more common than you think, and if you face this problem, you should feel no shame or hesitation towards working to improve it because if left untreated, it may cause even more problems in your life.

There is a condition known as hypogonadism, also known as gonad deficiency. This causes a low sex drive or libido.

That happens because if you are undergoing this condition, the sex glands in your body will produce quite fewer or sometimes no sex hormones at all, which ultimately leads to a lower libido. This condition is, however, not specific to any gender or age which means it can happen to anyone.

But generally, it does affect different hormones in different genders; so, the men, who undergo this condition, experience low testosterone levels whereas women, who undergo this condition, experience low oestrogen and progesterone levels.

This condition does not just physically affect your hormones’ level of production in your sex glands; it can also affect or distort your brain signals which then affect how the hormones produce in your body.

There are various factors, which can cause a low sex drive in humans and they negatively affect libido (another name for sexual desire).

First, if you experience problems or face difficulty in a romantic relationship, your troubles will transfer to your sex drive as well because you would not want to physically interact with your partner if you are angry with him or her, or vice-versa.

Moreover, factors like anxiety, stress, and depression can also cause a low libido. That happens because if you are mentally disturbed due to those factors, you may not want to indulge in any sexual activity because mental disturbance may negatively affect a person’s mood.

Other problems like vaginal dryness in women or erectile dysfunction in men can also lead to low sex-drive because they do not let people perform sexually.

Similarly, women undergoing menopause, pregnancy, or using birth control pills may also not want to engage in a sexual activity because the mentioned conditions may lead to hormonal changes, and the changes lead to a lower sex drive.

Other factors, like chronic illnesses, which include diabetes, heart disease, thyroid, and cancer, may also affect your sex drive.

Furthermore, some types of medication may also lead to a lower sex drive. Examples of such medications include those taken to cure depression or a high blood pressure.

How Do They Help Boosting Sex Drive?

Now, you may be wondering how herbs or drugs can cure a problem which has a variety of causes. In fact, nootropics and adaptogens can help boost your sex drive in various ways.

First, Ashwagandha, which has been classified as a nootropic and an adaptogen, helps to boost sex drive.

That happens because it balances the brain’s hormones, which leads to some increase in the sperm count of the consumers, along with an enhanced sperm quality, which leads to better sexual desire and activity.

Furthermore, ashwagandha helps in reducing stress which is also helpful. That happens because if you are stressed, you may not want to engage in any sexual act.

But ashwagandha reduces the stress, which makes people more relaxed and hence, makes them more open to sexual activities when their mood improves because of the relaxation they experience.

Furthermore, if ashwagandha is consumed along with other adaptogens like maca, the effectiveness may increase, and it may lead to an increase in the sexual desire that a user is likely to experience.

That happens because maca has been acknowledged as an effective aphrodisiac.

Other nootropics, like acetylcholine, are also known to improve libido. It acts like a neurotransmitter, and positively affects the libido because it affects the parasympathetic as well as sympathetic nervous system, which is the location where libido actually initiates.

Moreover, some serotonin boosters also help in increasing libido. They are helpful because serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which is in charge of how a person feels.

Thus, when the serotonin (also known as the happy hormone) increases in a person’s body, it can increase his or her libido and reduce depression as well.

It is proven that anxiety can negatively affect your sex drive and hence, serotonin boosters prevent the consumer from feeling anxious. Hence, it leads to an improved libido. Like serotonin boosters, dopamine boosters also aid in improving sex drive of an individual.

That happens because dopamine, which is responsible for our well-being and aids in improving anxiety, considerably decreases. Thus, serotonin reduction may also lead to an increased libido.

Furthermore, aniracetam also helps in improving sex drive because it is also known to reduce anxiety levels in the consumer.

List of Nootropics and Adaptogens for Sex Drive

There is a long list of adaptogens and nootropics which can improve your sex drive.

Firstly, nootropics like Aniracetam, Picamilon, Phenibut and Inositol are effective nootropics, which aid in improving the consumer’s libido.

That happens because all of the nootropics provide relief from negative emotions like depression and anxiety.

This means that they improve the mood of the consumers because they activate the GABA receptor in the brain. This receptor is a crucial neurotransmitter when it comes to boosting mood.

Hence, the mood boost leads to an increased libido because when you feel calmer or happier, your libido increases.

Moreover, another compound called Noopept is a nootropic, which aids libido. That is helpful because the intake of anxiolytic supplements has reported to increase the production of dopamine or serotonin or both in the brain.

This means that since they experience a better mood, their sex drive considerably improves.

Furthermore, several adaptogens have the potential to improve a person’s sex drive. For instance, an adaptogen, known as Shilajit, has been known for increasing the libido of the consumer since ancient times.

It is specifically helpful to those who experience an erectile dysfunction. The improvement has been noticed because Shilajit possesses qualities of a testosterone booster and hence, helps in curing an erectile dysfunction.

Similarly, Ashwagandha has also been proven to improve the sperm quality in men and it also increases the blood flow to the sexual organs, which leads to better sexual encounters and naughty endeavours.

The benefits of Ashwagandha are multifaceted, because, as mentioned earlier, it cures stress, which leads to an improved libido.

Another useful herb called blue lotus is used to lessen stress and boost your euphoric state. This means that being in a good and stress-free mood is likely to increase your sex drive and lead to an increased libido.

Furthermore, the adaptogen Schisandra also aids in a better sex drive. That happens because it not only increases libido, but also improves the sperm count in men and also improves the erections in men.

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In addition to that, it helps the women who undergo menopause  because it may improve or balance their mood and hormones which may increase in libido in women as well.

How to take nootropics and adaptogens?

Now you may be wondering that even though adaptogens and nootropics are beneficial for your sex drive and lead to an improved libido, but the real question is: How can you consume them?

There is good news for the people willing to use them: Adaptogens and nootropics are available in so many forms and varieties that how to consume them should be on the last of your worries.

Adaptogens mentioned above like Ashwagandha are available in forms of a powder, elixir, pills, and even capsules. In the old days, dried roots were transformed into powder and mixed with milk. This was helpful because dried root contained Ashwagandha.

Another research shows that the best way to consume Ashwagandha is to consume its roots because it has the most extract compared to the rest of the plant.

But, in today’s fast paced world, consuming Ashwagandha by extracting its root or grinding it into powdered form may be time-consuming and difficult; so, you can consume Ashwagandha in the form of capsules. That is efficient and easy-to-use because you can carry the capsules anywhere you want.

Furthermore, if you do not want to consume capsules, you can use Ashwagandha in a liquid form as well. The oils can help you to de-stress which would lead to a calmer and happier mood.

As far as other forms of nootropics are concerned, like the ones mentioned above, they are present in caffeine as well. If you consume caffeinated drinks like coffee, energy drinks or tea, that means you are already receiving nootropics in some way.

It is, however, important to remember that excessive usage of caffeine can have detrimental effects on your body.

You may experience jitters, anxiety, change in sleep patterns, and even aggression; so, it is better to consume nootropics and adaptogens in either the form of supplements, oils, or by consuming foods like maca because that is an adaptogen.

Other Tips for Boosting Sex Drive

Apart from consuming adaptogens and nootropics, there are various ways you can improve your sex drive and libido.

First, it is important that you focus on the dynamic of your relationship. This means that if you are fighting with your partner or have a serious disagreement over something, you should make efforts to settle your dispute.

That is helpful because if you continue being angry with your partner, you may not feel like engaging in a sexual activity with him or her. Being happy and contented in your relationship almost always leads to a better sex drive.

Furthermore, if you feel that your relationship has become monotonous, which is why your sex drive has reduced, you should plan different things to do with your partner.

For instance, going to a new place, planning a trip, or surprising them with romantic gifts like flowers. This may re-ignite the spark in your relationship, and it may lead to a better libido for both of you.

Secondly, maintaining a healthy body weight is also important. That is essential because research shows that when you have a moderate body weight, you experience improvements in your sex drive because you feel good about yourself.

This can also be linked to exercise because frequent exercise leads to more oestrogen in women and weight training leads to testosterone boost in men.

This increased hormone then boosts your mood which can in-turn positively affect your sex drive.

Focusing on your diet, indulging in foreplay, receiving a good night sleep regularly, and seeking relationship counselling are some other methods, which can improve your sex drive.

If none of them is helpful, you should consult your doctor regarding the low libido you are experiencing.


Having a lower sex drive or libido as compared to your peers or partner can be very stressful; therefore, it is important to pay attention to it and try to cure it.

Nootropics and adaptogens provide natural remedies for problems ranging from erectile dysfunction to anxiety. They help you deal with hormonal problems like menopause.

But nootropics and adaptogens may have some side-effects as well. That happens when they are either consumed in excessive quantities or in an incorrect manner, which can potentially cause damage to the consumer’s health; however, such incidents are rare.

The side effects that consumers may experience include insomnia (a lack of sleep), blurred vision, and high blood pressure.

Furthermore, since nootropics are usually in a drug form, people may develop an addiction, which may cause even further problems.

That happens because anything consumed in excessive quantity or in an incorrect manner may cause damage to the consumer; so, it is important to consult your doctor before trying out any adaptogen or nootropic supplement.

That is essential because some adaptogens and nootropics may not be suitable to those who are expecting a baby or have an underlying heart condition.

Hence, only a doctor can recommend the most suitable nootropic or adaptogen to you after thoroughly examining you by reading your medical history and after conducting some tests.

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