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15 Perfect High-Calorie Meals For Bulking List

15 Perfect High-Calorie Meals For Bulking List

high-calorie meals for bulking

Last Updated on May 10, 2022 by Jamie

In this article, we’re focusing on high-calorie meals for bulking. Another bulking post… I know it must be getting repetitive by now if you’re following my recent articles.

However, bulking at best has some serious confusion around it, and at worst has some straight-up lies.

In this article, I’m laying out my favourite 15 high-calorie meals for bulking. They’ll get you packing on the most amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time. Now that’s been covered, let’s jump straight in.

Different Types Of Bulking

Ultimately bulking is bulking, however, there are 2 popularised ways to bulk, of which you can use these high-calorie meals for bulking to do. Depending on your health needs, time and preferences you can choose one or the other.

Dirty Bulking

Dirty bulking refers to eating in a surplus without too much care for the health ramifications of the foods you consume. Ultimately you could eat whatever, as long as you’re in a surplus.

Clean Bulking

Clean bulking refers to still eating in a surplus, but with more care around the health qualities of the food you consume. For example, if you’re clean bulking you’ll most likely prioritise ‘clean’ and whole foods rather than junk food.

The 15 Best High-Calorie Meals For Bulking

So do you want to clean or dirty bulk? Both work and both have their benefits and limitations. Whichever you choose, you can adapt the high-calorie meals for bulking below to fit your choice.

1. Mass Gainer Smoothie/Shake

An obvious choice. A mass gainer shake although technically not a ‘food’ is an excellent way to consume a heap of calories and protein fast. You could make your own by mixing in various high-calorie ingredients, or you can just purchase a pre-made mix.

high-calorie meals for bulking

2. Chicken & Avocado Wrap

One of my go-to high-calorie meals for bulking. The chicken and avocado wrap packs in protein and healthy fat which will allow for weight gain and proper testosterone optimisation.

Add in some melted cheese, leafy vegetables and cool mayo and bam you’ve got a delicious high-calorie bulking meal.

high-calorie meals for bulking

3. Peanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal

What a way to start off your day. This morning meal provides your body with slow energy releasing carbs to fuel your day and it tastes great.

Often thought of as a carb dominant meal, it mustn’t be forgotten that there’s an extensive amount of protein in the ingredients.

high-calorie meals for bulking

4. Beef Lasagna

One of the best high-calorie meals for bulking is beef lasagna. Ideal after your workout, especially at night. The beef provides a vast amount of muscle-building protein whilst the carbs leave you feeling satiated and well-rested.

Go heavy on the beef for this meal. Add in some spices, aubergines and mushrooms to add to the texture and flavour of this dish.

high-calorie meals for bulking

5. Tuna Pasta Bake

Tuna pasta bake, need I say more? This great-tasting meal mixes protein with great tasting carbs and fats for a well-rounded high-calorie bulking meal.

Once again go heavy on the protein, in this case, Tuna. You can use a high protein cheese such as cottage cheese for this to add an extra punch.

high-calorie meals for bulking

6. Beef Burrito

The beef burrito is a quick and easy, protein-packed lunch. You can prepare and eat this all within 15 minutes which is ideal for busy individuals.

I like to stack my burritos with a mix of beans and spices for added flavour, you can even add avocado to the mix.

high-calorie meals for bulking

7. Protein Pudding

An unusual one for a high-calorie meals for bulking list, but don’t overlook it! You can make your own protein pudding using various ingredients such as protein powder, cottage cheese, chocolate, milk etc.

I eat this even when I’m cutting, you’ll just have to adapt the portion sizes of the ingredients during preparation.

high-calorie meals for bulking

8. Pulled Turkey Mac N Cheese

This dish is likely the highest calorie-dense meal due to the amount of cheese involved, so use it sparingly or as a treat.

It’s filling, yet not too heavy depending on the ingredients you use of course. A common theme in this article is going heavy on protein, in this case – Turkey.

high-calorie meals for bulking

9. Protein Ice Cream

I couldn’t live without ice cream, even when I’m cutting, so why not when you’re bulking? You can make your own ice cream using protein powder xantham gum, milk and various other ingredients.

If you’re restricted by time there are pre-made alternatives such as Halo Top, although it can be pricey depending on where you’re buying it.

high-calorie meals for bulking

10. Turkey Burgers

Turkey doesn’t get enough credit… Turkey is a great source of protein and creatine believe it or not.

Lightly toast a brioche bun, add in two turkey burger patties, your favourite vegetables, sauce and of course cheese. Need I say more about why this is on the high-calorie meals for bulking list?

high-calorie meals for bulking

11. BBQ Chicken & Rice

This one is for the rice fans out there. Rice can be bland but not with this recipe. Add beans, peas and spices to your rice for flavour. Don’t be shy with your layering of the BBQ sauce either.

A common theme, add a vast amount of chicken to this high-calorie bulking meal to best optimise your protein intake

high-calorie meals for bulking

12. Cheesy Beef Mince Omelette

This omelette carries a heavy punch. Possibly too heavy for breakfast depending on the person, but a great option for those that like a large morning meal.

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Dice up your mince into small pieces and add a minimum of 5 eggs into the mix, don’t forget to layer on the cheese.

high-calorie meals for bulking

13. Greek Yogurt & Honey Fruit Bowl

This is the ‘healthiest’ addition to the high-calorie meals for bulking list, but it’s delicious nonetheless.

Add 500g of greek yoghurt to a bowl and pile on your favourite fruit, personally, I like to use a mixture of berries. Then drizzle honey on top for optimal taste.

high-calorie meals for bulking

14. Protein Pancakes

Although you can buy pre-made protein pancakes, why not make your own? They’re fairly quick and easy to prepare.

Add eggs, peanut butter, protein powder and mashed banana into a bowl and mix. Once mixed, add them to a frying pan and cook until light brown and fluffy. Although this is not every step, you get the idea.

high-calorie meals for bulking

15. Skor Protein Bars

Popularised by the great Greg Doucette, Skor protein bars are a bulking life hack that will save you time and money.

A mix of caramel, protein powder, nougat, chocolate, peanut butter, oats and pretty much whatever you like will leave you satiated and protein overloaded.

high-calorie meals for bulking


Bulking Supplements aren’t necessary, but they sure will help with high-calorie meals for bulking. Consider adding in these supplements alongside your high-calorie bulking meals for optimal results.


An odd inclusion you may think, but excellent in practice. CBD oil will add to your appetite resulting in you being able to consume more calories which is what it’s all about.

Protein Powder

Similar to the mass gainer shake, protein powder is a quick and easy way to get in calories and protein. You could use it as a meal replacement but ideally, you’ll want to drink it alongside your high-calorie meals for bulking.

Omega 3

Omega 3 although not directly related to bulking, can be a great tool to assist you with your bulk. Omega 3 aids in proper hormone function which plays a vital part in hunger satiation chemicals in your brain.


So, there are 15 of my favourite high-calorie meals for bulking which you can use for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day.

You may not be a fan of some of these meals (I don’t know how) but consider preparing these during your next meal prep. They may just make your bulk a whole lot easier.

Hopefully, you enjoy these high-calorie meals for bulking as much as I do and they help in your muscle-building journey. That’s all from me for now, until next time.

Your coach, Jack.

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