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The Best Top 5 Testosterone Food Cheat-sheet

The Best Top 5 Testosterone Food Cheat-sheet

testosterone food

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Introduction to Testosterone Food

Testosterone, testosterone, testosterone. That word that we seem correlate with crazy gains and mass size. Well, in this article we are going to explore the best Testosterone food. That will boost your male sex hormones into near super physiological levels, naturally!

Eating proper Testosterone food is a major way in boosting your Test levels. But, it is not the only thing that you must consider.

Any well thought out plan must contain weight training, that incorporates heavy compound lifts. Which is the focal point of the beginner workout for men.

As you will notice on this testosterone food list, the foods are whole foods! That are naturally occurring. Which doesn’t come as a surprise… But it is good to keep in mind also the things that will lower your Testosterone not only boost it. Which junk food will definitely do.

But that is for another list. So, without further a do let’s get into the Testosterone food list.

Testosterone Food

1. Tuna

The first food on this Testosterone food list is Tuna. Tuna contains high amounts of all necessary Vitamins, but is included on this list because of the concentrated amount of D3.

The Vitamin D3, is often called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ due to the absorption source originating from your skin being exposed to sunlight.

testosterone food

Due to our modern day sedentary lifestyles, the average person does not get anywhere near the recommended amount of D3. Studies have found that with low levels of Vitamin D and D3 the male sex hormone (testosterone) in this case, can suffer severely.

Studies have also concluded that by eating just 2 small cans of tuna per day, which is more than your daily intake. You can boost testosterone by 25%! Thus why Tuna is a staple of this Testosterone food list.

2. Cruciferous Vegetables

You knew it was coming… Unless you’re a health freak (good job if you are) most people, tend to avoid cruciferous vegetables like the plague in today’s age. But you should be aware of their unique benefits.

Vegetables such as ; Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale and cabbage may taste like nothing more than bitter leaves. But they come under the group of Cruciferous vegetables.

testosterone food

Which are a unique entry on this list as technically they are not a ‘testosterone food’ but more an estrogen lowering food.

Estrogen is the sex hormone responsible in woman for the onset of puberty. Men also must have some Estrogen. But too much is going to negatively affect your overall free Test count.

By eating Cruciferous vegetables you can directly lower the amount of Estrogen that converts from Testosterone and keep it as free Test. Translating into more gains.

3. Oysters

Oysters had to be included on the Testoserone food list. Due to having the highest natural concentration of Zinc out there, when it comes to food.

Oysters have been used for centuries if not millennia as an aphrodisiac… A natural sexual performance enhancer! Not only does it increase Semen volume and Sperm count, but also majorly increases libido.

testosterone food

If you’re not sold already, in just 100g of Oyster meat there contains a whopping 61mg of Zinc. Which is 555% of your recommended daily intake. Zinc is a building block your body needs for the production of Testosterone (among other things).

This does not mean that if you consume 61mg of Zinc your testosterone will be boosted by 555%. But it will for sure boost your levels substantially.

4. Spinach

My First argument for including Spinach on the Testosterone food list, must be Popeye of course. Although just a cartoon, Popeye knew what he was talking about.

Spinach has a whole host of positive effects on your health. Such as; improving blood flow, antioxidant properties and anti inflammatory effects just to name a few.

testosterone food

But it is also one of the most highly Magnesium concentrated foods out there. Similar to Zinc, Magnesium is a necessary tool in initiating new testosterone serum in Men and Woman.

Not only will Magnesium help build new Test but it will also help put your body in healthy working order. Which will help to contribute in lowering Cortisol levels (stress hormone) which wreaks havoc with Testosterone.

5. Omega 3 high Fish

Number 5 on the Testosterone foods list is Fish that is high in Omega 3. Such as; Mackerel, Herring, Salmon, Sardines or Trout.

Omega 3 is not only responsible for maintenance of a healthy heart, but also better well-being. Resulting in lower Cortisol levels. But it can also boost overall Testosterone levels and Semen Quality.

testosterone food

The US government itself suggests that people consume seafood high in Omega 3 2x per week. Omega 3 high foods such as fish, contain healthy fats that as aforementioned will help with your hormones and increase your life longevity!

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It does this by directly decreasing risk of a heart attack, stroke as well as removing plaque from the ventricles connected to the heart. Thus lowering the overall stress your body is under.

Testosterone Food Top Tip

The Testosterone food top 5 list mentioned above are brilliant for directly or indirectly increasing your overall free Test serum levels.

But, it may be difficult to get a hold of some of these foods. Especially if you are in a unique geographical location to the source of said food.

This is where dietary Supplements come into play. As mentioned before, if it is hard for you to acquire some of these foods or maybe you just don’t like them! There is a solution.

And that solution is supplementation. Every food that has been included on the Testosterone food list has a high concentration of a certain Vitamin or Mineral. Each of these Vitamins and Minerals can be bought in a pure Gel cap or tablet form.

testosterone food

They will do the job for sure. But, are they as good as the real thing? I think not. Nothing compares to the real thing, whether that be protein or in this case Vitamins and Minerals.

Real food reigns king. As it is not only pure Vitamins and Minerals, but a whole bucket load of nutrients that your body needs for overall good health…

So, aim to have the real thing. But it may be a useful tool to have supplements on hand. Especially if it is too much of an inconvenience to consume the specific food listed.

Testosterone Food Summary

Through this ‘Testosterone Food’ article, we’ve discussed how certain food can abruptly raise Test levels, or do it more subtle way.

Such as indirectly relieving stress on the body and mind, which ultimately leads to lower stress hormone levels (Cortisol) resulting in higher Testosterone.

In finality, as well as consuming all of the Testosterone food listed above. It is also important to eat a healthy well-balanced diet and also have a good fitness regiment. That includes a compound lift heavy workout, which you can find here in the beginner workout.

But also try to reduce overall stress, by doing things you love. Which I assume for you is Lifting, since your on this page! So include these foods in your meal plan, get in the gym, and make those FOREIGN GAINS!


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