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The Greatest 5 Forearm Exercises for Your Workout

The Greatest 5 Forearm Exercises for Your Workout

forearm exercises

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Greatest 5 Forearm Exercises Introduction

So for this entry, we’ll investigate the forgotten world of forearm exercises. Unless you’re blessed by the aesthetic gods, Zyyz for example (RIP). You have to utilize Forearm exercises.

However, unlike some other muscle groups. Forearms are used substantially with non forearm focused exercises. Primarily in arm movements that incorporate flexion, and TUT (time under tension). Which has been explained in the Best Bicep Workout guide.

We can use these more compound movements,such as the upper body options we discussed in the Beginner Workout guide. As well as more direct forearm exercises to develop the forearms to a level that they look proportional to rest of the arm.

This is where most forget and end up with pyramid structured arms (big at the top, small at the bottom).

Greatest 5 Forearm Exercises

1.TUT Bicep curls

The first movement on the greatest 5 Forearm Exercises list, is time under tension Bicep curls. Meaning in laymen’s terms, a slow concentric (pulling inwards) and a slow eccentric (releasing outwards) range of motion.

The Bicep curl already uses the forearms as a stabilizing force throughout the motion. But with the use of a slower range of motion this is going to put much more strain on the forearms. Causing more hypertrophy.

With these 5 Forearm Exercises it can be a useful tool to mentally focus in the contraction and tension of the Forearm muscles. With this specific movement, focus on controlling the weight with your Forearm muscles rather than your Biceps.

forearm exercises

2. Dips

The second entry to the greatest 5 Forearm Exercises list is; Dips! Included in the Beginner Workout guide, noted as one of the vital compound movements for an aesthetic physique.

Dips are also an excellent Forearms builder. Due to the direction of weight and tension throughout the movement. This is most pronounced once at the top of said movement, as the Triceps are less involved.

Similar to the previous entry on the Forearms exercise list; TUT Bicep curls. You can also employ TUT with dips. As well as, pausing at the top of the motion for longer to employ the Forearms to more of a pronounced degree.

3. Farmers Walk

Number three on the Forearm exercises list is the Farmers walk. Often classed as an exercise that falls under the vague classification of functional fitness.

The Farmers Walk is also a great Compound movement and Forearm builder. It is basically a more ‘professional’ alternative to carrying as many shopping bags as possible. But with proper monitored sets and weight.

Assuming you’ve carried shopping bags before you’ll know the forearm strain that’s spoken of. You can monitor this by either holding the weights for a certain amount of time or a certain distance.

4. Barbell Wrist Curls

Barbell Wrist curls are the next entry on the Forearm exercises list. This is the first isolation movement on this list due to forearm exercise being difficult to place around an already existing workout.

Barbell Wrist curls have the same setup as barbell curls, with a supinated grip (palms facing inwards). But instead of using your whole arm to curl you’re just going to twist your wrists inwards and outwards.

With many other entries on the Forearm exercises list, you can utilize TUT to better the Forearm contraction. Also, you are not going to need excessive amounts of weight, match the weight to a rep range of 12-15.

5. Thick Grip Concentration Curls

The fifth and final entry to the Forearm Exercises list is Concentration Curls with a thicker grip. “What the hell does that mean?” You may ask. Well, this can either be done with; a thicker bar (unlikely to find on a dumbbell). Or you can add a towel or even use the brand Fat Gripz.

Increasing the width of your grip is going to increase the tension on Forearm muscles more to a degree than standard curls. Also, the concentration curl aids you in extra Forearm recruitment due to the angle of tension.

The easiest and cheapest option will most likely be the towel variant. Simply wrap it around the grip of the dumbbell and perform the exercises as you would normally.

Forearm exercises

Sets, Rep Ranges and Rest with the 5 greatest Forearm exercises.


For these forearm exercises, the guidelines from the Beginner Workout guide are still going to be in use. Meaning 4x sets each exercise.


The Reps and time under tension is going to differ slightly to the Beginner Workout guide. Due to more focus shifted to the Forearms they will require more time under tension/Reps for growth.

So, for all the curls you’re going to do 12-15 reps, match the weight accordingly!

For the Dips, 8-12 Reps is adequate. However if you can only perform body weight Dips (without a weight belt) go to failure or as many as you can do.

Finally, for the last movement on the Forearm exercise list; the Farmers walk. You are going to go until utter failure each Set, record how long you held the weight and try to better it each session.


forearm exercises

Once again, following the Beginner Workout guide. You’re going to keep it simple and rest 120 seconds in-between each curl Set. And 180 seconds in-between Farmers Walk and Dip Set.

Forearm Exercises Tips

Tip 1 – If you haven’t guessed the first tip yet, it’s TUT! Time under tension is utterly vital for Forearm growth as your Forearm muscles are more Type 1 Slow twitch (endurance) Muscle fibers. Built to last!

Meaning the longer you expose your Forearm muscles to stress of weight the better, when it comes to hypertrophy that is.

Tip 2 – The second tip for Forearm Exercises is to not ego lift. Forearm muscles are much weaker in comparison to other muscles. Mix that in with having to reach higher Reps. You’re unlikely to be lifting that much.

So, leave your ego at the door and really focus on the mind muscle connection and contraction for ultimate gains.

Tip 3 – The last tip for forearm exercises may actually sound counter intuitive. But it’s actually to not include a ‘forearms specific workout’ in your program.

It’s much better to take these exercises and divide them into where they best fit. Include them in your current program rather than having a specific ‘Forearms’ day.

As you may miss out on more important V taper gains. Which the importance of has already been touched upon in the Beginner Workout guide.

5 Greatest Forearm Exercises Summary

forearm exercises

The Forearms are a great addition to your physique when fully formed. Truly adding to a complete manly physique. As well as making you look great in a shirt.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to build a great physique, Forearms definitely are a part of it, but are far to often neglected. But, with this knowledge you can overcome this, what seems to be mass neglect.

So get in the gym, focus on TUT, mind muscle connection and leave your ego at the door. But most importantly, make those FOREIGN GAINS. And I hope to see you in the next installment.

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