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The 5 Greatest Isolation Exercises for an Aesthetic Physique

The 5 Greatest Isolation Exercises for an Aesthetic Physique

isolation exercises

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An introduction to the Greatest Isolation Exercises

In this addition to Fit Piit. We are going to dive into isolation exercises. These are exercises that you must use if you wish to acquire a V tapered physique.

If you’ve seen my previous posts, you’ll certainly know, that if you want to get big quick. The key is compound movements and progressive overload. As you’ll see in the beginner workout guide.

However, this is just 2/3 of the pie. As isolation exercises are vital for shaping and growing your muscles directly. As you can put more emphasis on a singular muscle head with isolation exercises far better than you can with compound movements.

Nonetheless, isolation exercises are often utilized in the wrong way and at the wrong time by beginners. Where it seems that only isolation exercises are used. And compound movements are ignored. Maybe, due to difficulty. Or not knowing how to complete the movement correctly.

In this isolation exercises article, I’m going to divulge into the 5 very best isolation exercises. For you to build the best aesthetically pleasing physique, miles around.

isolation exercises

So, without further a do let’s jump right in.

The 5 Greatest Isolation Exercises

1. Lateral Raises

Lateral raises, possibly one of the best isolation exercises out there. This is one of the most important isolation exercises out there. If not, the most. When it comes to building the sought after V shape.

It’s primarily going to build the lateral head (side) of your Deltoids (shoulders). And secondarily build your Traps if performed correctly.

This is going to provide you with width from an aesthetic perspective. And it’s also going to be the start of said V shape.

It’s important to know how to perform this movement correctly for mobility and health reasons. Since you could damage your Rotator Cuff if continually performed wrong.

When performing this exercise. Try to match the range of motion of the movement to the way your muscle is structured or angled at. So that it’s just your Lateral Delt that is taking the weight of the movement.

isolation exercises

2. Single Arm Cable Lat Pull-down

Lat pull-downs are another one of the mandatory isolation exercises you must perform, if you wish to have a good v tapered physique.

Single arm Lat pull-downs are a great movement for first establishing a mind muscle connection with your Lats. Which is a difficult thing to do for beginners in the gym.

This mind muscle connection will translate into more overall gains in your compound exercises. That are Back orientated, such as the Barbell row. Due to more of the weight being directly focused on your Lats.

Your Lats are another part of the equation to acquiring the famous V shape. As this is the ‘taper’ that connects your shoulders with your torso.

When performing the single arm Lat-pull down, I prefer to use the cable on its own. Without a rope, or handle. As it brings me more of a contraction. I recommend you try this too.

isolation exercises

3. Triceps Extensions

The third entry to best 5 isolation exercises list is the Tricep extension. A necessary movement for acquiring extra arm and V taper width.

The Biceps usually get the most attention when the conversation of arms is brought up. But the Triceps take up 2/3 of your upper arm muscles!

The way the Tricep inserts gives you the ability to widen the V taper even further. Especially with focusing on building the outer head.

You can perform the Tricep push-down unilaterally (one arm) which will even out each arm, preventing imbalances.

Or, you can perform the Tricep push-down with two arms. This will give you the ability to lift more volume overall. Resulting in easier progressive overload, meaning more gains.

isolation exercises

4. Leg Extensions

The fourth movement on the isolation exercises list, is the Leg extension. Which may sound out of place. But hear me out.

Wide legs are going to add to the overall aesthetic of your physique. So you must not neglect training legs. Or the only ‘gains’ you’ll be gaining, are out of proportion Chicken legs.

Leg extensions target all 4 of your Quadricep muscles. Including the most aesthetically pleasing muscles in your Quads; the ‘tear drops’ and the outer facing part of your Quad. Giving you extra width as a whole.

However, if you really want to grow your legs, isolation exercises aren’t going to cut it alone. As I like to preach in the beginner workout guide you need to include compound movements in your workouts. Along with isolation exercises such as the Leg extension.

If you want to specifically target your outer Quads. When performing the exercise, point your feet inwards. And vice versa for targeting your inner quads.

isolation exercises

5. Hanging Leg Raises

The fifth and final movement on the isolation exercises list is the hanging leg raise. How could I forget about the abs in a article about aesthetics!

The hanging leg raise is an excellent exercise for building your lower and upper abs. As the raising motion pulls on each part of the abdominal muscles at different parts of the range of motion.

The hanging leg raise can be difficult for beginners. As sometimes a swing accumulates. A solution to this is either having a gym partner holding you in place whilst you perform the exercise. Or, you can try to place your back against a flat structure for support.

It’s important to keep in mind, that you’re not going to be able see your abs if you’re at too high a body fat percentage. And isolation exercises like this, will only help your abs ‘pop’ if you are already at a body fat composition low enough.

isolation exercises

Isolation Exercises Tips

  • Go with a light weight such as 5kg max. If you wish to perform proper technique with Lateral raises.
  • Bring your Elbows into your side as much as possible when pulling in on the Single arm Lat pull-down.
  • Twist outward at the end of the motion for a better contraction with the Tricep push-down.
  • Hold at the top of the range of motion for 2 seconds with the Leg extension, for a better muscle contraction.
  • As you pull your legs up with the Leg raise. Point your Toes out like a Gymnast, as this will pull on your lower abs more.
isolation exercises

Summary to the Best Isolation Exercises

In conclusion to the best 5 isolation exercises. I have gone through my personal pick of the best 5 movements for an aesthetic physique that’s sure to make heads turn.

Isolation exercises are great, but as said in the introduction, they are not the whole answer. You still need to use Compound movements and progressive overload to truly hone in on your physique and gym progress.

But, with this new found knowledge of isolation exercises. You can drastically improve your physique in no time.

Once again, it’s been Jack from Fit Piit and I’ll be sure to see you in the next addition.

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