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The 5 Best Natural Muscle Gainer Supplements

The 5 Best Natural Muscle Gainer Supplements

muscle gainer supplements

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An Introduction to Muscle Gainer Supplements

To get started with this topic of muscle gainer supplements. You must understand that this is by far the most convoluted and fraudulent topic in the fitness. Due to the amount of pure bullsh*t out there.

Whether it’s ‘muscle gainer’ supplements, or ‘fat burners’, the industry is full of lies when it comes to supplements. Usually branded by companies (or individuals) with juiced up models saying ” Just take this and you’ll look like me in 6 weeks.”

Well unfortunately, this is reality. And the only way you are going to build muscle or lose fat, is by hard work. As well as being consecutive in the gym and with your diet.

However, that does not mean that supplements cannot help you in your aesthetic journey.

Therefore, in this muscle gainer supplement list, I am going to present the best things for you to take. That will help you reach your goals faster.

muscle gainer supplements

Muscle Gainer Supplements

1. Protein Powder

You probably already knew this would be first. Protein powder is dubbed the ‘ultimate’ natural muscle gainer supplement. Or so it’s said to be.

To build muscle, we need protein in our diet. And the optimal amount is around 0.7 – 1g of Protein per lb of body weight. Meaning that a 200 lb man would need 170g-200g of Protein each day to optimally build and maintain muscle.

Now, 200g of Protein may not sound like a lot in terms of weight. But when you’re trying to keep a good diet and eat whole foods such as chicken breast, 200g is a whopping amount. And is very hard to consume consecutively.

This is where our first ‘muscle gainer supplement’ comes in. Protein powder can be used as a supplement for your Protein intake. Rather than eating a whole plate of chicken every day, you could just drink 2 protein shakes!

Sounds easy right? That’s because it is. However, it must be noted that Protein powder is a supplement for your diet. The same result can be achieved with food. However difficult that may be.

muscle gainer supplements

2. Creatine

One of the only true natural muscle gainer supplements out there. Creatine is a wonder supplement that works in many different ways to boost your overall muscle gaining abilities and performance in the gym.

Creatine has been used as a muscle gainer supplement widely in the sports and bodybuilding industry for nearly 30 years now. Due to its brilliant performance enhancing properties properties.

This muscle gainer supplement will improve your overall lift volume at the gym by at least a few reps. Resulting in higher progressive overload translating into more muscle gain.

It also does so much more, such as aiding in muscle repair and muscle growth. It Boosts IGF-1 (growth hormone), increases cell hydration and lastly reduces myostatin levels resulting in less muscle breakdown.

Creatine is the closest thing you’re going to get to a direct muscle gainer supplement other than steroids. That doesn’t mean you should avoid it! Creatine is naturally found in our food and in our body. So, use this tool to gain an edge at the gym.

muscle gainer supplements

3. Pre Workout

Pre workout, not a direct muscle gainer, but an excellent tool for getting you motivated and pumped up before a workout session.

Believe it or not PRE workout has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to boost performance in one way or another.

However, they didn’t have ‘ultra blueberry boost PRE workout’ in ancient Guatemala 1000 years ago. They had Coffee beans or Caffeine.

Which is usually one of the main ingredients in today’s PRE workout supplements among other things.

PRE workout has the use of as I said before, to pump you up! You get the feeling of ‘Let’s do this!’ And if you to choose to use it, you’ll certainly see your reps suddenly shoot up.

But, if you do not like the feelings of stimulants such as coffee, or you have heart problems. It’s best to avoid this indirect muscle gainer supplement.

muscle gainer supplements

4. CBD Oil

“Wait, what? You’re talking about weed to build muscle?!” Well, yes and no. CBD oil is not the same as your average Cannabis product. As it does not contain any THC (the psychoactive substance that gets you high).

You still may be thinking why I’ve included it. That is due to all of the numerous, and I mean numerous, positive health benefits.

See Also

In this case it promotes a more deep and restful sleep. Aiding better muscle recovery, muscle growth, less stress and a better state of mind.

Good Sleep is vital when it comes to building quality muscle and even loosing fat. Compared to if you have poor sleep hygiene. You are more likely to make less gains, put on more fat and look just overall flat.

So, I would highly recommend supplementing this indirect muscle gainer. As it will benefit your life not just in the gym but in many other ways.

muscle gainer supplements

5. Vitamin D3

Supplementing with Vitamin D3 even if you get enough Sun, is a great way to boost your Testosterone naturally.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men that’s responsible for growing the male reproductive organs and secondary to that, why we’re all here. For growth of muscle and bone mass.

Having adequate Serum Testosterone levels is required when trying to build muscle and keep in shape. And the more the better too. However, this does not mean you should hop on the gear straight after reading this.

You can adequately boost your T levels by following the diet steps in the testosterone food cheat sheet. And by supplementing with D3, as well as getting good sleep which the CBD shall certainly help with.

muscle gainer supplements

Muscle gainer Supplement Tips

  • Remember that most supplements are just that, a supplement for your diet!
  • Follow the dosing for the supplements, especially PRE workout.
  • Live a healthy life including exercise and good diet, don’t rely on the supplements.
  • Try to get most of your Protein from food as too much Protein powder can cause a bad stomach.
  • Be aware that Whey Protein Powder can cause acne in some cases.
muscle gainer supplements

Muscle Gainer Supplements Summary

You may have noticed how all except Creatine (to an extent) are indirect Muscle gainer supplements. And do not directly cause muscle gain.

However, there are many different factors when we talk of muscle gain. And things such as; better sleep, higher Testosterone levels, a better Protein intake and better pump. Will affect your gains drastically.

So you must not ignore these muscle gainer supplements if you wish to optimize your gym progress as fast as possible.

And finally keep healthy, keep lifting and I’ll see you in the next addition to Fit Piit.

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