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The Only Home Workout You Need During COVID-19

The Only Home Workout You Need During COVID-19

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Last Updated on May 19, 2020 by Jamie

An introduction to the Lockdown Workout

During these hard times it may be hard to stay motivated with everything that is going on. Especially when our favorite place, the gym, is closed.

But, that is what this article is based upon. The best home workout or you could call it a COVID workout, created to maintain your hard earned gains.

Not only will it maintain your previous gains, but this home workout may even provide new gains to beginner or intermediate lifters.

This COVID workout will also provide you with a feeling of positive well-being. As I know it may be hard to stay on the up. But you will know after a good workout you will always feel more positive.

Though these may not be technically weight training movements, and more like calisthenics. Due to it being a home workout, with minimal equipment. That does not mean it won’t maintain or even build muscle. As it’s actually very hard to loose muscle once you’ve gained it.

So, without further a do let’s get right into the COVID home workout.

home workout

Lockdown Workout Exercises

1. Push Up

A staple exercise to any lock down workout. Or any upper body workout for that matter, this is the GOAT.

The push up or press up has to be one of if not the oldest exercise ever. With reports from Ancient Greece stating that this was a staple piece in their fitness regime.

The Push up will not only work all parts of your chest. But will also heavily activate your Anterior Deltoids (front shoulder muscles), as well as your Triceps.

You can use progressive overload with this movement in many ways. Such as adding more reps, elevating your feet, performing a clap on the push up. Or if you’re a advanced athlete 1 armed push ups.

When performing the push up in the COVID workout, keep your back straight, core tight and head up.

home workout

2. Leg Raise

The second entry into the home workout exercises list, is the Leg Raise. One of my personal favorite Abs movements.

The Leg Raise is a brilliant movement as it uses all of your Ab muscles and even some of your Obliques. Unlike most core exercises that mainly just use the upper Abs.

Perform this by laying flat on your back with your arms straight out to the side in a Christ position.

Now, point your toes forward, keep your legs straight and slowly lift them up and then back down again in a controlled manner.

You can make this more difficult by; having your back flat on your bed with your legs hanging off. So there is more of a range of motion.

home workout

3. Pike Push Up

The third entry into the home workout guide is the pike push up. Which is similar to the push up in the motion. But this variant is focused on your Shoulder development.

You’re going to set yourself up just like you would as if you are going to perform the push up. But, walk your hands back into your body so you make an arrow head shape.

Now, slowly lower your body down until your head nearly reaches the floor. Then push up, and so on. With the mental focus on your shoulders when pushing.

Do not go to far in with your hands as it’s going to be difficult for you to perform the exercise correctly. Plus you may obtain an injury.

Shoulders must be trained and not neglected as they are very important for an aesthetic physique. You can learn more of the best Shoulder exercises in the beginner workout.

home workout

4. Plank

The fourth exercise on the home workout guide is a classic, the plank. This exercise is a great movement not just for your abs.

It’s also going to build your Serratus muscles (muscles around your ribs), your forearms and even your shoulders.

You can do the original plank by supporting yourself on your forearms. Or to make it more difficult, you can reach out as far as possible and use your hands.

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When performing this home workout exercise, keep your Glutes and Abs tight. This will give you the ability to hold it foe longer.

Each time you perform the plank time yourself and try to beat your score the next time.

home workout

5. Lateral Raises

The last home workout movement is the lateral raise. Due to it being a home workout the equipment you’re going to use will be any sort of grip able weight. Such as milk jugs.

I have mentioned many times the importance of lateral raises when trying to build an aesthetic physique. And it must not be forgotten even in a home workout.

Because the weight is going to be harder to increase due to the minimal equipment available. The progressive overload you will aim for is more reps.

Each session you are going try to do better than last time in terms of more reps. With this you may even progress your with your medial Deltoid development (side Shoulder muscle).

Keep the range of motion going the same line of direction that your muscle head is constructed. By doing this you will gain a much better mind muscle connection.

home workout

Tips for the Home Workout

  • Perform 4 sets of each exercise.
  • Perform the workout more times per week than your average gym session due to there being lower overall volume.
  • Focus on the targeted muscle in your mind to gain a mind muscle connection.
  • Slow down on the leg raises and really focus on the contraction.Roll your shoulders back and tighten your core when performing the push up.
  • Roll your shoulders back and tighten your core when performing the push up.
home workout

Summary of the Home Workout

So, drawing to a close with this COVID workout I’ve given you exercises to maintain or even obtain more gains during these uncertain times.

It’s important to stay positive, fit and healthy. Not just for your bodily health, but also you’re mental health.

You should also remember to keep your diet in check. if you want to loose weight, maintain, or gain weight. There are specific instructions in the beginner workout guide article.

Also try to get cardio in at least once or twice a week, if you can (due to your country s regulations). We all know the benefits to that.

So, keep healthy, keep safe and stay positive. And I’ll see you next time in another Fit Piit article.

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