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The Worlds Best 5 Exercises for Lower Back Workouts

The Worlds Best 5 Exercises for Lower Back Workouts

lower back workouts

Last Updated on April 12, 2020 by Jamie

Introduction to Lower Back Workouts

In another addition the the beginners’ workout series, based off of the ultimate beginner workout guide. I will show you the best exercises to add in your lower back workouts.

Neglected by non gym-goers, and gym goers. The lower back muscles are one of the most important if not the most important collection of muscles in the whole human body.

In terms of life longevity and health, lower back workouts must not be forgotten! If they are, you will be sure to have lower back issues later in life. Such as pain and discomfort.

lower back workouts

So, in this exercises for lower back workouts article. I’m going to show you the 5 best movements around, for strengthening the stabilizer of your body. Your lower back muscles.

So, let’s get started with the first entry.

Exercises for Lower Back Workouts

1. Barbell Deadlifts

If you’ve seen my other articles you’ll know how much I talk about Deadlifts in a good light. So it is no surprise that it’s been included in a lower back workouts guide.

Deadlifts are often misrepresented as a contributor to back pain. And are said to worsen the situation of someone who already has a bad lower back. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You will only run into problems if you perform the Deadlift incorrectly! So, make sure to get the form correct. NO ARCHED BACK!

lower back workouts

Many Doctors, Physio-therapists, Kineasiologists and other human anatomy focused academic professionals. Have come forward and said that if you were to only do one exercise it would be the Deadlift.

Due to the amount of muscles used and the many positive outcomes you will acquire from performing it. That is why it is the first exercises on the lower back workouts list.

2. Back Extensions

Back extensions are excellent at isolating the lower back muscles such as the Spinae erectors. Which will provide you with that all important mind-muscle connection.

Back extensions are also brilliant at improving your overall Deadlift strength. This will happen by instead of like the Deadlift where you use a whole array of muscles. In the back extension you are isolating just the lower back.

This exercise can be performed in lower back workouts as a body-weight or weighted movement. The most common variant of weighting this movement is with a barbell plate. But it can be performed with dumbbells too.

lower back workouts

If you are looking to purely isolate the lower back and nothing else. Back extensions are for you.

3. Sumo Deadlift

Similar but not the same to the conventional Deadlift. The sumo is an excellent optional variant. It’s my personal favorite out of the two.

The sumo is great for people that are generally taller or people with longer legs. If you have long legs it can be difficult and can cause some discomfort to perform the conventional Deadlift with a narrow stance.

That’s where the Sumo comes in. With a wider stance it allows the aforementioned groups of people. To not miss out on such a great exercise for your lower back workouts.

lower back workouts

Sumo Deads are performed with the same range of motion as standard Deads, with the change of your foot width. The difference being your foot width will be 2x shoulder width apart. Rather than shoulder width.

An excellent movement for lower back growth, give it a try as well as the standard Deadlift and see which you prefer.

4. T Bar Rows

Rows are usually viewed upon as an upper back builder. They are actually great for building your whole back. Especially your lower back.

The function of your lower back whilst performing Rows, and in this case T bar Rows. Is to act as a constant stabilizer. So, the strength gain and hypertrophy (muscle gain) you will acquire is due to TUT (time under tension).

After you perform this movement you will feel a great pump in your Spinae erectors. However, it can translate into pain if perfromed incorrectly. So you must remember to perform the exercise with the correct form.

5. Rack Pulls

The fifth and final exercise to include in your lower back workouts is the Rack Pull. This movement looks similar to the Deadlift but it has a major twist.

The Rack Pull is really going to isolate your entire back, unlike the Deadlift that activates your whole posterior chain. The Rack pull is going to mainly work just your Traps and most importantly your Spinae Erector muscles.

Since the focus is only on your back. The overall amount of volume, lifted by your lower back will be far greater than if it was just the Deadlift.

The rack pull is set up similar and has the same ROM (range of motion) as the Deadlift. With the difference of the bar being held up by a supporting bar at the lowest point in the range of motion.

The Rack pull is a great exercise for lower back growth. But the Deadlift must not be forgotten about. As it’s going to give you the most ‘bang for you buck’ in terms of your other muscles. This is called a compound movement.

Which is covered in the beginner workout guide.

Sets, Reps & Rest for Lower Back Workouts


Sets are going to be identical to the instructions from the beginner workout guide.

However, for the lower back workouts guide this will depend greatly on your level of experience in the gym. If you are new to working out undertake 3x Sets. If your are an intermediate or advanced, perform 4-5x Sets.


You will utilize RPT (reverse pyramid training). For the compound movements. Which is explained in the beginner workout guide.

A quick explanation would be; you’ll aim to hit 4-6 Reps. Then drop the weight by 20% for the second set and aim for 7-12 Reps. And drop by 20% again if you have a 4th set.

The weight must match the Reps!


For all exercises you will rest for 180 seconds as these movements can be energy consuming.

lower back workouts

Tips for Lower Back Workouts

  • Perform the exercises with correct form (no arched back)
  • Split these exercises up into different lower back workouts or back workouts
  • Complete the whole ROM (range of motion) of the exercise
  • Start with a weight that you are comfortable with, do not hurt yourself
  • Don’t forget to perform lower back workouts!

Summary of the Lower Back Workouts Guide

In this addition the beginners guide we’ve covered lower back workouts. Lower Back Workouts must be utilized if you wish to have a strong and healthy back for life. And not struggle to pick up a box by the time you’re 30!

If you add these exercises to your workout plan I can guarantee noticeable improvements to your well-being if you experience lower back pain.

So with this knowledge get yourself healthy, in the gym but most importantly…those FORIEGN GAINS!

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