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The World’s 4 Best Bicep Workout Exercises

The World’s 4 Best Bicep Workout Exercises

best bicep workout

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Best Bicep Workout Exercises Intro

The 5 Best Bicep workout Exercises. Often the hallmark of a ‘bro-split’. The Biceps seem to often overshadow every other body part. Especially when it comes to beginners knowledge of what muscles to train. As well as the Chest that is.

The ‘bro split’ workout will often focus way, way, way to much on the Biceps. Often leading to diminishing returns in terms of hypertrophy, (muscle gains). Due to complete over training. However, that does not mean you should neglect to include them at all.

You should include Biceps in your program, whatever that may be. You may ask; “What is the best Bicep workout?” Well my favorite is the Back and Biceps workout which I go through in detail within this article.

But for now, let’s go through the 4 best Bicep workout exercises. So you can best equip your Biceps for hypertrophy, with whichever split you decide to go with.

best bicep workout

Best Bicep Workout Exercises

1. Barbell Bicep Curl

The Bicep Barbell Curl is your go to for Bicep hypertrophy. If you’ve read the father article to this entry of the Beginner Workout series. You will know how much I emphasize progressive overload. And how important it is.

As without Progressive overload you will not progress. A definition is included for in the Beginner Workout Gym jargon section.

So, the Barbell Bicep curl is going to be the most efficient form of hypertrophy on this best Bicep workout guide. Due to fact of being able to consecutively load the bar up with more weight each session.

Meaning each time you’re lifting heavier, getting stronger and gaining more muscle.

2. Alternating Dumbbell Curl

Now, I’ve covered the best exercises for progressive overload for this best Bicep workout guide. So, it’s time to include a movement that is going to build symmetrical Biceps. As one muscle can take over in heavier barbell lifts.

The symmetrically specific exercise for the Best Bicep Workout is the alternating Dumbbell curl. This movement is excellent for generating a mind muscle connection and giving a great pump.

I don’t need to explain the importance of symmetrical Biceps. Iv’e discussed the brilliance of dumbbell movements before for this in the Upper Chest Workout guide.

We’ve all seen a meme or two about the outcome of a gentleman’s arms when left alone for too long. With the company of the darker side of the internet. So, if you don’t want to look like Quagmire here. Don’t forget to be symmetrical!

best bicep workout

3. EZ Bar Curl

Similar to the Barbell curl in terms that you can use progressive overloading. This movement is more aligned to the Dumbbell curl in terms of symmetry.

The reason for this is it’s going to ‘fill out’ your Bicep. If you’ve been genetically predisposed to have a short Bicep head with a taller peak (like me).

Unlike a longer head with a smaller peak. You can use the EZ Bar curl to supplement for your genetic muscle belly predisposition.

As the weight of this movement is going to be more focused on the end of your Bicep, closest to your Forearm.

4. Cable Bar Curl

So far on the best Bicep workout guide. I have have gone through the best exercises for hypertrophy and symmetry, but there is one missing. TUT! Which translates to time under tension.

Which is once again often forgotten about, as most will try to power through there Reps as quickly as possible. That however, is not optimal for growth. Slowing the Reps down will drastically improve muscle breakdown. Meaning more gains.

Like the best Back and Bicep workout mentions, cable movements are great for mind muscle connection. This is the same for this Bicep exercise. I suggest performing this first. To fully provide those guns with the blood it needs for that forever fleeting pump.

best bicep workout

Sets, Rep Ranges and Rest for the Best Bicep Workout Exercises

Appropriately, the Sets, Rep ranges and Rest for the best Bicep workout are based off of the Beginner Workout guide’s guidelines.


For this entry, for every exercise you are going to perform 4x Sets.


The Rep ranges however will differ. For the compound lift of the best Bicep workout, which is the Barbell Bicep curl.

You will utilize RPT (reverse pyramid training) which you will also see is defined in the Beginner Workout Gym jargon section.

For the first set you will aim for 4-6 Reps. Subsequently the second and third Set you will drop the weight and aim for 7- 12 Reps.

Finally for the last Set. You will drop the weight further and aim for once again. 7-12 Reps. Remember to match the weight to the Reps!

For the three other movements you will aim for 7-12 Reps consecutively.


For the Barbell Bicep Curl rest 180 seconds.

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Secondly, the Alternating Dumbbell Curl, you will use the rest time of 120 seconds.

Thirdly, the EZ Bar Curl, you will rest for 120 seconds in-between each Set.

Lastly, for the Cable Bar Curl you will also rest 120 seconds.

Tips for the Best Bicep Workout Exercises

best bicep workout

Tip 1 – The first tip for the Best Bicep workout exercise guide. Is a matter of slowing down the Reps. I briefly mentioned this earlier in the article. TUT (time under tension) is so undervalued in today’s gym culture. It’s often never used properly.

Some even argue that TUT is more important than the amount of Reps you perform. Meaning that if you do 4 Reps, half the speed you usually would perform Reps. It is more effective at muscle hypertrophy. Compared to than if you were to do 8. Although this is a dispute currently in conversation in the fitness industry.

Whatever the fact may be, TUT is tool you must use along side with progressive overload to get you to your goals faster.

Tip 2 – The second entry to this tip list is how to structure these 4 exercises into a workout. Perform the Cable Bar Bicep Curl initially. To first not fatigue yourself before you’ve performed the heavier movements. And to gain a mind muscle connection as well as a pump.

Then the Barbell Bicep Curl, as you have prepared and warmed up by the previous movement. Thirdly you will perform the EZ bar curl. And then finish with the Dumbbell Curl to fix any symmetry issues from prior movements.

Tip 3 – Last but not least. When performing any Bicep movement, you must keep your elbows to your side and not swing. If you want to purely target your Biceps. And not elsewhere.

Also, linking to the final tip. With any exercise it is important to implement full body tension to truly focus on the muscle you are trying to target.

In this case you will tense your Quads, Glutes and Abs. Along with placing your feet firmly on the ground. With all of these things together you will most definitely have an awesome mind muscle connection.

Best Bicep Workout Exercises Summary

To conclude the Best Bicep Workout Exercises guide. Biceps are a staple of a well developed aesthetic physique. That does not mean only do Biceps as I mentioned in the first part on this best Bicep workout entry into the Beginner Workout series.

I have discussed the importance of many things. Such as Progressive Overload, Symmetry and TUT (Time under Tension. It may be a lot of information to retain. But you must put in the effort to remember this information.

If you use these 3 things in unison you will have heads turning in no time! So get in the Gym, use this article as a guide, and make those FOREIGN GAINS!

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