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Ultimate 5 Best Compound Exercises

Ultimate 5 Best Compound Exercises

best compound exercises

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Best Compound Exercises Introduction

In this addition we will follow up from the Beginner Workout guide, in investigating what the best compound exercises truly are. And how you can use these 5 to get the Foreign Gains you seek!

As discussed in the Beginner Workout guide. And other articles such as; the Back and Bicep Workout as well as the Upper Chest Workout. Compound exercises should be the focus points of all your workouts.

Compound exercises must be a staple of all your workouts. Due to the more availability of progressive overload. As with these movements you are going to be able to lift the most weight.

Compound exercises will also give you ‘more bang for your buck’. In a sense that they will utilize the most muscles at once. Unlike isolation exercises.

Now, let’s dive in to the the 5 best compound exercises.

The 5 Best Compound Exercises

1. Barbell Deadlift

The best compound exercises list had to include the Barbell Deadlift. This lift will not only be responsible for crazy strength and posterior chain gains. But will also greatly improve your health.

Nowadays people live a very sedentary lifestyle, compared to our past. With most sitting the majority of the day. Thus, resulting in weak lower back muscles. And a high amount of pressure put upon the lower spine.

This is an awful combination for long term lower back health and longevity. This exercise will not only increase your Backs overall health, but will also greatly grow your whole posterior chain.

The Barbell Deadlift has also been chosen on the best compound exercises list. Because it works the most muscles out of any exercise on Earth!

best compound exercises

To name just a few in laymen’s terms: Glutes, Spinal Erector, Lats, Traps, Hamstrings, Abs and many many more. So, for these numerous reasons you should definitely include the Barbell Deadlift in your workout regime!

2. Squat variant.

The second movement for the best compound exercises list. Is a variation of the Squat. The option of which variation is up to you to choose. As peoples anatomy vary. Or, you may just simply prefer one to the other.

The squat is up there with the Barbell Deadlift, when it comes to the GOAT’s of the best compound exercises. It is the best movement out there for your lower body.

Not only is it a great muscle builder, but it has also has been proven to naturally boost Testosterone. With the Barbell Deadlift, a Squat variant and a diet including testosterone food from my previous post. Your natural Testosterone will sky rocket in no time.

Now, let’s get in to some of the options. I have included 3. However, there are many more out there. But, these are the mainly performed Squat variants worldwide.

The first has to be the Back Squat. This is for sure the most famous. This entails using a barbell placed on your upper back. This is more posterior chain dominant.

Second, is the Front squat. Which is rested on your Clavicle Bone. The Front Squat is more of Quad dominant option.

best compound exercises

However, it can be difficult as you go up in weight, because of the pressure of the bar on said Clavicle bone.

Lastly, and my personal favorite. Is the Hack Squat. This entails plate loading a machine. Then Resting your shoulders into a padded hold and then squatting.

This exercise is much more Quad dominant. However, everyone’s physiology is different. So try out each option, and choose your favorite.

3. Barbell Bench Press.

The best compound exercises list would not be complete if it didn’t include this! Possibly the most famous compound exercise of them all. The Bench Press. The Barbell Bench press is an excellent upper body mass builder.

As previously mentioned in the Lower Chest Workout guide, and the Upper Chest Workout guide. This movement will build a whole array of muscles. Not just the Chest.

best compound exercises

It’s going to of course build all 3 parts of your Chest; Upper, Mid and Lower. But is also going to heavily build your Anterior Deltoids and Triceps. Due to the pushing motion.

So, you must include the Barbell Bench in your workout regime. If you wish to build a great upper body.

4. Barbell Row

The fourth movement for the best compound exercises list is an upper Back focused one. Which is really going to give your Back width and thickness. Ultimately, adding to that V-shape.

If you’re new to the V-shape you can look at the Beginner Workout guide. To see why it’s such an important look to go after, when it comes to bodybuilding and working out as a man.

The Barbell Row is more specifically going to build the Upper Back muscles such as the; Lats, Rhomboids, Posterior Deltoids and Traps. Among others.

best compound exercises

You can use exercise in conjunction with exercises from the Back and Bicep Workout for a more well rounded Back workout.

This movement is going to allow you to pack the most punch when it comes to lifting as much weight as possible. For an upper back movement anyway. So you have to include it.

5. Overhead Press Variant

The fifth and Final addition to the best compound exercises list. Is the Overhead Press. Once again, you can choose which variant you prefer.

The overhead press with time, and Lateral raises. Is going to provide you with Boulder Shoulders. A true goal of any man. And also adding greatly to the V shape spoken of before.

best compound exercises

The first variant is the Barbell Overhead Press. Or, sometimes referred to as the Military Press.

This option is going to allow you to lift the most amount of weight and activate the most amount of muscles. However, it can put a lot of strain of your lower Back.

The other option is the seated, back supported, Overhead Press. This option is much more Shoulder focused. And you will get a much better pump.

However, you will not be able to lift as heavy a weight, as the Barbell option. You can either try them out and see which you prefer. Or cycle the 2 throughout your workouts.

Sets, Reps, and Rest for the Best Compound Exercises list


Sets are going to be similar to the guidance from the Beginner Workout guide.

But, this is depending on your level of experience. If your are just starting to workout out, perform 3x Sets. If you are an intermediate or advanced lifter, perform 4x Sets.


Since all of these exercises are compound movements. You will utilize RPT (reverse pyramid training).

Which means the first set you’ll aim to hit 4-6 Reps. Then drop the weight by 20% and aim for 7-12 Reps. If you are doing 4X Sets you can drop it by another 20% and aim to hit 7-12 Reps again.

The weight must match Reps. Remember this!


Due to compound lifts being more energy consuming. You’re rest is set at 180 seconds in between sets.

best compound exercises

Tips for the Best Compound Exercises

  • Perform these exercises at the start of your workout as they will need the most amount of energy.
  • Split these best compound exercises up into different workouts! Not just one.
  • Remember to rest the full 180 seconds.
  • Focus on correct form and technique.
  • Implement Progressive overload. This is a must!

Summary of the Best Compound Exercises

In this article we’ve gone through the best compound movements for the whole body.

With this information you can build an excellent workout regime. You should focus your workout around a specific compound lift and add in specific isolation movements.

If you use the best compound exercises spoken of correctly, you are set for an amazing physique in no time. So, get in the gym and make those FOREIGN GAINS!

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