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Best 5 Lower Chest Workout Exercises

Best 5 Lower Chest Workout Exercises

lower chest workout

Last Updated on September 14, 2020 by Jamie

Lower Chest Workout Introduction

The Lower Chest Workout, the second entry to our workout basics series. Including the similar Upper Chest Workout guide. Often under trained and ever forgotten entirely, compared to the Mid Chest and Upper Chest.

You must utilize the lower chest exercises in a good routine if you want a defined, symmetrical and proportionate Chest. And not, what looks like a mole hill that cuts off right into the ribs! Which you will most definitely acquire if you neglect your lower chest.

So, in this Lower Chest workout guide, as usual like the Beginner Workout guide we will go through the compound and isolation movements. Reps & Set ranges, as well as rest duration.

And finish off with some tips for optimal growth and performance. When performing the Lower Chest Workout.

As usual, it is often hard to find a decent Lower Chest Workout out there on the internet. As it is completely overshadowed by the Mid chest and second to that the Upper chest.

But this article is here to answer your queries and help you reach your aesthetic goals. So, without further a do, let’s get started.

Lower Chest Workout

lower chest workout

1. Incline Push Up

Personally, the Decline Push Up is my favourite pick of this Lower Chest Workout guide. Sheerly because of the activation,you will feel.

The Lower Chest is notoriously hard for beginners to obtain a mind-muscle connection with. As I have discussed the importance of obtaining said mind muscle connection for progression, previously in the Ultimate Beginner Workout Guide.

If performed correctly, this exercise will flood your chest with blood (that’s a good thing). And give you an excellent mind muscle connection. Translating into better gains from heavier compound lifts later on in the Lower Chest Workout.

2. Decline Tricep Dip

Don’t be fooled by the name of this exercise. Not only is this a compound movement. Which you will have noticed I preach about as if it’s gospel. It is also excellent for progressive overload, meaning more gains!

First off the bat, it’s going to blast your triceps into hypertrophy (muscle gain) hyper drive. But more importantly you must include it into a Lower Chest Workout.

Or any Chest workout for that matter! Thanks to its excellent sculpting abilities. Especially in your lower chest. As well as chiseling away at that vertical line going down the middle of you Chest. Which will complete the sought after plate of armor look.

3. Decline Bench Press

Back to Bench Pressing. We all know why the Bench Press is an excellent movement for overall Chest growth thanks to the Beginner Workout Guide.

However, this press has a twist. Specifically, a declined twist. Iv’e chosen the Decline Bench Press for the Lower Chest Workout. Since this is the exercise you are going to be able to shift the most weight with consecutively. Translating into more muscle gains.

For example, you will for sure able to load plates onto a belt for dips. But, it can be awkward when resting in between sets (having to take it on and off). And also energy consuming, loading and walking around with said plates.

As well as your Back only being able take so much weight before scoliosis comes into effect. With the result of you looking like Quasimodo from the much loved Disney Movie; The Hunchback Of Notredam.

Where as, the Barbell for the Decline Bench Press is static and easily loadable. Resulting in easier gains.

4. Machine Chest Press

When performing Chest movements it’s near impossible to include a pure isolation movement, due to the huge amount of muscles it takes to push. Including obviously the Chest, but also the Anterior Deltoid (front shoulder) Triceps and more.

But Iv’e included this exercise into the lower chest workout, because it is the closest thing to an isolation movement you will get. When it comes to a chest movement. Which is going to allow you to focus on the raw stimulation, which you may not have felt as clearly with compound movements.

5.High to Low Cable Fly

The second isolation movement in the Lower Chest Workout Guide is… The High to Low chest fly, as it’s an exceptional lower chest movement. Warranted by the squeeze you will feel in your chest. With the low to high range of motion it directly targets the chest fibers located in your lower Pectoral muscles.

Sets, Rep Ranges & Rest For Lower Chest Workout

lower chest workout

When it comes to Sets, Reps and Rest on the Lower Chest Workout guide. It employs identical guidelines stated in the Upper Chest Workout & the all extensive Beginner Workout guide.

Of all exercises wielding 4x sets. RPT ( see ‘What’s a Rep/Set’ section in Beginner Workout guide for definition of RPT) the for compound lifts. And for the Isolation you will need to aim for 7-12 reps. Match the weight accordingly to the Reps.

When it comes to Rest, for Compound movements you are going to rest for 180 seconds. And as for Isolation movements you are going to rest for 120 seconds in between Sets.

Lower Chest Workout Tips

Tip 1 – The first entry to the tip section of the Lower Chest Workout guide. Is, the matter of how to complete the Machine Press, so that you optimize for the lower Chest.

You can do this by adjusting the seat so that bottom of your pecs are slightly above the height of the pressing handles. As well as, by leaning back into the seat as much as possible. And finally by imagining pressing the handles with a downward angle.

Tip 2 – The second tip, is in completing the Incline Push up. This information you can use on any Push up variation if your goal is to activate the Chest. Have your hands, Shoulder width apart. Pull your Shoulder blades back so your Chest is sticking out.

And lastly, when pushing up imagine that you are bringing your Biceps together. This should initiate proper Horizontal motion which is the way your Chest’s muscle fibers are constructed.

Tip 3 – The third and final tip we have for the Lower Chest workout is, to start with the lighter movements. Similar to the advice given in the Upper Chest Workout Guide.

So in this case, the Push ups and then in joint second you can either choose the machine press or the Cable fly. The reason being to fully activate and warm up your CNS and body in general before undergoing the heavier lifts.

Lower Chest Workout Summary

lower chest workout

In conclusion to the Lower Chest Workout guide. We have covered the reasons as why not to neglect a lower chest workout. How to perform the best Lower Chest workout exercises above. Tips on how to optimize your training and technique tips.

Hopefully I have persuaded you to realise how important a proper Lower Chest Workout is!

If you want a more comprehensive beginner workout guide or a Upper Chest workout guide, be sure to check out the Ultimate Beginner Workout Guide. Now, train hard, train smart and don’t forget to make those FOREIGN GAINS!

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