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The #1 V Taper Workout You Need To Be Doing

The #1 V Taper Workout You Need To Be Doing

v taper workout

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Why You Should Focus On A V Taper Workout

A good v taper workout will take you the distance if your goal is aesthetics based. This article aims to break down the why, what and how you can use a v taper workout in your training plan.

So, let’s get started.

What Is A V Taper?

A v taper in terms of bodybuilding is a phrase associated with a physique that generally has a small waist, wide shoulders and wide back.

Why The V Taper For Aesthetics?

If you’re focused on aesthetics, a v taper workout will be your primary training focus. This way you’ll be prioritising the most important muscles for building a good v taper.

What’s The Appeal Of A V Taper?

Interestingly, in men waist to shoulder ratio has always been valued in history as an indicator of a high-value mate in humans. Times may have changed, but our internal mating compass has not.

What Muscles Are Targetted In A V Taper Workout?

There are 3 muscle groups prioritised when using a v taper workout. These are the; shoulders, back and upper chest.


The first muscle group is that of the shoulders. Arguably along with the back, this could be the most important muscle group of a v taper workout.

Why Shoulders?

Well built and defined shoulders make you stand out, to put it simply. Building the width of your shoulders will be the defining factor in the success of a good v taper. If you’re looking for a full shoulder workout check this link out.

What Muscles Specifically?

The shoulder has 3 main muscles, which are the; anterior deltoid (front shoulder), medial deltoid (middle shoulder) and posterior deltoid (rear deltoid.

Generally, you’ll only need to train the side and read shoulder directly, as the front deltoid gets enough working sets from any heavy push movement.


v taper workout

The second muscle group for this v taper workout is that of the back. Along with shoulders, a large and wide back is crucial to constructing a quality v tapered physique.

Why Back?

A well built back is the core of a good v taper. Imagine it as the pillar of your physique, where all things stem from (because they do). If you’d like a full back workout take a look at this article.

What Muscles Specifically?

For this v taper workout, the only muscles you’ll be targeting are the lats. The lats are the primary cause for looking like a well defined Dorito, and that’s what we want.

Upper Chest

v taper workout

The last muscle group is that of the upper chest. Though it’s not as important as the first 2 muscle groups, it’s still a vital factor in building a strong v taper. If you want a full upper chest workout, check out this article.

Why The Upper Chest?

Building the upper chest allows for frontal width. It also appears to push your shoulders and back out further, adding to the perceived width.

The V Taper Workout

As promised, the following list is my pick of the best exercises you need to include in your v taper workout.

1. Lateral Raises

Why Lateral Raises?

Performing lateral raises or a variation of lateral raises is the quickest way for you to build your shoulders. It targets your medial delts’ range of motion perfectly.

v taper workout

How To Perform

  1. Select 2 dumbells that are of low weight each (3-7kg)
  2. Stand shoulder-width apart holding the dumbbells
  3. Lean over slightly but keep your back straight
  4. Position your hands so your palms are facing the floor
  5. Lift up the dumbbells slowly to shoulder width level
  6. Bring the dumbbells back down 3/4’s of the way and repeat

Bonus Tip

Always keep the muscle under tension when performing the exercise. So, do not release the weight all the way down, thus release 3/4 of the way then bring the dumbbell back up again.

Sets & Reps

The shoulders tend to grow best with high volume work. Personally, I like to blast my shoulders with 40 reps for 4 sets, but that’s just me.

For now, do 4 sets of 20 reps.

2. Standing Rear Delt Machine Flys

Why The Standing Rear Delt Machine Fly?

Working your rear delts is a must. Good rear delts will give your shoulders a 3D look. The standing machine fly in my opinion is the best option for achieving this.

v taper workout

How To Perform

  1. Make sure the arms are on the furthest back setting they can be on
  2. Place your forehead on the centre bar whilst gripping the handles
  3. Pull the weight back to in line with your shoulders
  4. Bring the weight forward slowly, don’t let the weight drop

Bonus Tip

The slower you perform this, the better. In fact, this applies to the whole v taper workout. The more time your muscles are under tension, the more muscle you’re able to break down.

Sets & Reps

For this exercise, aim for 4 sets with 15-18 reps per set. Match the weight with the rep range accordingly.

3. Pull Up

Why The Pull Up?

The pull up or a suitable variation should be a staple of any v taper workout. It’s a phenomenal compound back building movement. It also puts great emphasis on your lats.

How To Perform

  1. First, roll your shoulders back and push your chest out
  2. Jump up and grip the handles
  3. Pull yourself up so the bar reaches your chest
  4. Slowly release and come back down and repeat

Bonus Tip

When you’re on the way down, restart the pull back up when your arms are just about to lock – don’t lock your arms fully.

Sets & Reps

For pull-ups, do 3-4 sets with 12-15 reps in each set. This depends on your ability of course.

4. Row Variation

Why A Row Variation?

The pull up will give you width, but a row variation will give you width and thickness. You can choose any variation you prefer. Personally, I like to do the machine cable row using two handles.

v taper workout

How To Perform

Let’s take the basic barbell row:

  1. Approach the bar so your feet are shoulder-width apart
  2. Bend over and grip the bar
  3. Stick your bottom out and make sure your back’s straight
  4. Pull the bar into your belly button
  5. Slowly release the bar down and repeat

Bonus Tip

Pause at the top of the motion and hold for 2 seconds. This way you’ll be able to better capture the mind-muscle connection.

Sets & Reps

For this v taper workout exercise, you can go heavier. Aim for 3-4 sets within the 8-12 rep range.

5. Incline Bench Press

Why The Incline Bench?

Building a good upper chest adds to the width of your physique, especially from a front view. The best exercise for this is of course, the incline bench press.

v taper workout

How To Perform

  1. Adjust the seat so you can reach the bar comfortably
  2. Wrap your hands around the bar so your pinky is on the grip rings
  3. Roll your shoulders back and slightly curve your back
  4. Bring the weight down 2 inches above your chest
  5. Push the bar up
  6. Slowly bring the bar down and repeat

Bonus Tip

In your mind focus on squeezing your chest muscles together, this way you’ll get the best chest activation.

Sets & Reps

For this exercise, as you’ll be going heavier aim for 3-4 sets within the 8-12 rep range.

6. Machine Chest Flys

Why The Machine Chest Fly?

The machine chest fly sculpts the inside of your chest, giving you the plate of armour look. These horizontal lines add to the perceived width and development of the other muscles targetted in this v taper workout.

v taper workout

How To Perform

  1. Put the arms in either, holes 2 or 3
  2. Place your hands on the grips so your thumbs are pointing up
  3. Push inwards so the machines’ arms touch each other at the end of the motion
  4. Pause for 2 seconds
  5. Slowly release the weight in a controlled manner

Bonus Tip

Add in a few ‘cheat reps’ at the end of the rep range. Doing this will allow for extra muscle activation.

Sets & Reps

This exercise works best within a slightly higher rep range. Aim for 3 sets within the 15-20 rep range.


Doing just the exercises is great, but not optimal. Consider these below tips for optimal progression with your physique and the v taper workout.


v taper workout

What Is Frequency In Regards To Training

This refers to how often, or how many times you perform the exercises. This is usually within a one-week timeframe.

The Importance Of Frequency

Along with the exercises in this v taper workout, frequency is of the utmost importance. Proper frequency allows you to activate, break down and build back up your muscles efficiently.

How Often Should You Train?

Generally, you should be training each muscle group a minimum of twice per week. Assuming you use this workout as it is, you could perform this 2-3 times per week. But, make sure you train other parts of your body too, such as your legs.

Progressive Overload

v taper workout

What Is Progressive Overload?

Progressive overload refers to consistently pushing yourself harder each time you train. This is usually done by adding more weight and reps, but it can also be through; time under tension, extra sets, different exercises and more.

The Importance Of Progressive Overload

The only way you’re going to progress in the gym is by utilising progressive overload. Progressive overload is the fundamental practice you must undertake if you wish to get bigger and stronger.

How To Use Progressive Overload

As mentioned, the standard way and my personal preference is to simply add extra reps and weight each session. This way, it keeps it simple. You can set up a threshold, meaning once you reach a certain amount of reps for that weight, go up by 5kg for example.


So, in this v taper workout article, we’ve discussed the importance of a v taper when it comes to aesthetics. We’ve also acknowledged which muscles need to be targeted and which exercises to use to do so.

Now it’s up to you to formulate a structure using this v taper workout, get out there, and get it done!

Leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Your Coach, Jack.

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