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The Top 5 Best Types Of Cardio For Belly Fat

The Top 5 Best Types Of Cardio For Belly Fat

cardio for belly fat

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Understanding The Best Cardio For Belly Fat

We all want to be ripped. But, just lifting weights and developing your muscles with a good training plan, is only half of the equation. There’s not much point in having strong abs if there’s a layer of belly fat hiding them!

cardio for belly fat

In this article, we’re focusing on a great tool for fat loss – cardio. Granted, it’s not fun for most but when done correctly, cardio for losing belly fat is highly effective.

So, let’s jump straight into the article.

How Do We Burn Fat?

Before I start listing the best forms of cardio for belly fat, it’s important to first understand how we lose belly fat.

Calories In Calories Out

This is the most important aspect of any diet. You can do as much cardio for belly fat as you can, but all that matters in any diet is burning more calories than you consume.

How Burning Fat Works

When you’re burning more calories than you intake, your body utilises your fat stores for energy. This results in a visual change in a leaner physique.

The Importance Of Diet

Cardio for belly fat is good. Do you know what’s the best for belly fat? A calorie-restricted diet. It’s very hard to sustainably out-train a bad diet. You can follow diets that don’t track calories, but I prefer to track.

How Do We Use Cardio For Belly Fat?

The Sad Truth

Unfortunately, you can’t directly target a specific place on your body to lose fat. Everyone’s fat storage is different. Usually In most people, stubborn belly fat is the last to go.

cardio for belly fat

LISS Cardio

LISS cardio or low-impact steady-state cardio refers to cardio that is at a consistent speed and intensity. LISS cardio is the most common form of cardio. It’s also the safest and most sustainable form of cardio. You can use this cardio for belly fat, via consistent training.


HIIT cardio or high-intensity interval training refers to cardio that is faster and more explosive than standard LIIS cardio. You can use HIIT cardio for belly fat by training around 3x per week at a high intensity.


My favourite form of cardio for belly fat, or any fat loss is that of sport. Sport is a mix between HIIT & LISS cardio, it’s enjoyable and you’re not thinking too much about how much longer the session will last.

The Best 5 Types Of Cardio For Belly Fat

1. Walking


Walking is number one for a reason. It’s gentle on your body, sustainable and enjoyable. Plus most importantly, it’s great for losing fat.

cardio for belly fat


You can use a treadmill, or go outside. I prefer to walk outside as it goes much quicker and being in nature is good for your body mind and soul! Try to aim for 10,000 steps per day, this equals out to around 250 kcals.

Calories Burned

It varies on many factors but generally, a 75kg individual will burn around 120 calories per mile walking. However, you can increase this with incline and speed variations.

2. Running


Once you get into running I promise you, you won’t stop. Running is great for your whole body and mind. It’s also another excellent fat loss tool.

cardio for belly fat


You can run on the treadmill, outside or on a track. I like to run most days in the morning before sunrise, there’s something special about it. Plus you feel great after each session.

Calories Burned

Once again it depends on different factors. However, a general figure of calories burned from a 30 minutes run for a 75kg individual, would be 350 kcals.

3. Boxing


Boxing as a sport could be considered as a form of HIIT cardio. I love boxing for cardio as it’s great for cutting fat, relieving stress, developing skills and it’s also enjoyable.

cardio for belly fat


You can join a club or just hit your own bag. There are many different aspects of boxing such as; skipping, shadow-boxing, pad-work and bag-work. So, I would suggest joining a club if you can, this way you can train every aspect.

Calories Burned

The estimated figure for calories burned in a one-hour session of boxing is around 800 kcals. But, it could be more depending on your energy output.

4. Crossfit


If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of Crossfit due to me being a technique snob. But, it’s an excellent form of cardio for belly fat loss, or fat loss in general. Plus people enjoy it, so why not ay?


You could set up circuits for yourself, but let’s face it, will you be motivated enough to do it every time? Your best option is to join your local CrossFit gym. Maybe you can show them good technique *wink wink.

Calories Burned

A 1-hour CrossFit session will burn you around 450 calories per hour. But, this obviously depends on the exercises and intensity you train at.

5. Elliptical Machine


In my opinion, cardio for belly fat should start on the elliptical. The elliptical is my favourite form of gym-based cardio. This is because you’re using your whole body to push through the workout and not just your legs.

cardio for belly fat


Unfortunately, unless you can afford to buy your own machine, you’ll have to go to the gym for this one. Every gym should have at least one elliptical machine.

Calories Burned

A 30-minute elliptical machine session at a moderate intensity will burn you around 300 kcals. For the fifth time, it depends greatly on the speed, level and intensity you train at.

Optimising Cardio For Belly Fat

Cardio for belly fat is great, but there are a few best practices to consider before using one of the methods mentioned above.


If you’re just going to do something now and again you won’t see much in terms of results. Stay consistent with the cardio and fat will soon fly off.


Depending on the cardio you pick, the frequency differs. For sport and HIIT cardio try train 2-3x per week, for LISS you can train every day if you can manage it! A sensible strategy would be 5x per week.


Upping your intensity will up the calories you burn. Start off slow and incrementally increase the intensity of your training.

Staying Safe – Cardio For Belly Fat

Safety is always number 1. Consider following these guidelines before using a new form of cardio.

cardio for belly fat

Don’t Overtrain

Overtraining can be a real problem. Sadly, doing too much cardio can result in low energy levels and even injury. So test out what works for you by using the guidelines above.

Learn The Technique

Please, please, please learn the correct technique of the exercise and the equipment involved. You don’t want an unnecessary injury from a silly mistake.

Be Sensible

Avoid, doing things that you’re not ready to do yet. You wouldn’t run a marathon if you can’t run a mile. This best practice revolves around everything regarding fitness so be wise.

Summary Of Cardio For Belly Fat

When used correctly cardio for belly fat can be a great tool. Obviously, other things go into fat loss such as diet, but proper cardio is highly effective at burning those unwanted pounds.

So now it’s on you. Try implementing one of these forms of cardio into your training plan. You might just find a new passion and a new waist size!

That’s all from me for now. See you in the next article.

Your Coach, Jack.

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