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Top 10 Expert Tips On How To Exercise Right

Top 10 Expert Tips On How To Exercise Right

tips on how to exercise

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Getting It Right

An Introduction On How To Exercise Right

It’s a jungle in the fitness industry. With all the fad diets and ‘miracle programs’, it can be confusing, to say the least. So, I’ve put together my top 10 tips on how to exercise efficiently.

Remember we’re all different and not every point may apply to you. But these tips on how to exercise properly, generally apply across the board.

So, without further-a-do here’s the list.

Top 10 Tips On How To Exercise

1. Clarify Your Goals

The Importance Of Goal Clarification

When asked for tips on how to exercise, generally the first tip I give is that of precisely clarifying your goals. Exercising without the guidance of a clear goal is good, but unsustainable in the long run.

What Does Claryfying Your Goals Mean?

Clarifying your goals simply means you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. For example; do you want to lose belly fat? Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to get a six-pack? Only you know what you want.

How Do You Clarify Your Goals?

You’ll need to think as to what really matters to you, and what you want to change in terms of fitness, exercise, and health. Once you’ve narrowed this down, congrats! You now have your goal.

2. Find A Clear Why

A Key Foundation

For a client, one of the first tips I give on how to exercise properly is that of narrowing down your goals. To me, this is one of the most important foundations you must lay before training.

tips on how to exercise

Why Is It Important?

Finding a clear why is deeply important. It sets the stage for why you want to make a change in your life for the better. This newfound purpose is what’s going to keep you going when you’re tired, unmotivated or hungry. The ‘why’ is the key to success in fitness, and other aspects of life.

How Do You Find Your ‘Why’?

A great way to find your ‘why’ is to ask yourself; “Why do I want to exercise?” The answer could be; “So I can play with my children more”. Once you have your answer, imagine the feeling you’d have when accomplishing your goal. Keep this feeling and refer back to it when you need the motivation.

3. Honestly Review Your Present State

Why Does It Matter?

Where you’re currently at matters. You can’t expect to have a bodybuilders’ physique in a month if you’ve never set foot in a gym and have 36% body fat.

tips on how to exercise

Be Honest With Yourself

Be honest with yourself about your starting point. I can give unlimited tips on how to exercise, but if you’re not honest with yourself, it’s only your progress that will be hindered.

How Do You Review Your Present State?

Take your goal and measure it with where you’re at now. If your goal is to get to 10% body fat, measure your current body fat percentage. You can then use this information in the next step of establishing a timeframe.

4. Establish A Timeframe

Timeframes In Exercise

Timeframes in exercise are of the utmost importance. Athletes of all disciplines, set and stick to strict timeframes. This is how you exercise with a purpose.

tips on how to exercise

Why Does It Matter?

A timeframe matters because, for one, it gives you an idea of how long it will take you to reach your goals. Another reason is that of closure. It gives you a definitive date as to when you’ve reached your goal.

How Do You Set A Timeframe For Your Goal?

I’m going to use the basic example above of wanting to get to 10% body fat. If you’re currently at 25% body fat, and you lose 1% per week, it will take you 15 weeks to reach your goal (if you’re consistent).

5. Find A Workout Program

Avoid The Rubbish

In todays’ day and age, there are infinite so-called ‘perfect exercise programs’. But, one of the vital tips on how to exercise properly is to avoid the fads and focus on foundational exercises. Focus on what works, and what has worked for years.

tips on how to exercise

Find A Program That Matches Your Goals

It’s common sense right. You wouldn’t put all your energy into cardio if your goal is to build muscle. If there’s a program that focuses on hypertrophy and building muscle, it’s going to serve you much better than a program that focuses on other things.

How To Find A Program That Matches Your Goals

I’ve posted various workout programs that fit different goals. So, I’d suggest you take a look through what’s been published here first. But, if you’d like to look elsewhere, it goes back to matching the program itinerary with your goals. If it matches, then it’s a success, you have yourself a program.

6. Fix Your Diet

The Importance Of Diet

Like it or not, diet plays a pivotal role in whether you’ll reach your goals. Out of all tips on how to exercise, understanding your diet will benefit you substantially in terms of aesthetics. Of course, actually exercising is just as important.

tips on how to exercise

Matching Your Diet To Your Goals

Just like previous points, you must match your diet to your newfound goals. If your goal is to lose fat, you’ll consume a less calorie dense diet. On the other hand, if you’re goal is to bulk up you’d likely be consuming more calorie-dense foods.

How Do You Change Your Diet?

I’m going to use the above example of losing fat. The simplest and most effective way to change your diet to lose weight is to simply eat fewer calories… Sounds simple enough because it is! I’ve written an in-depth article on how to do this here.

7. Perfect Your Form

What Is Meant By Form?

Regarding exercise, when we use the word ‘form’ what we’re referring to in simple terms is the way you perform the exercise. In more detail, this could be the; tempo, technique, speed and so on of the exercise.

tips on how to exercise

Why Form Matters

Form matters, it just does. Proper form will not only target the right muscles and help you make faster gains, but it will also keep you away from injury.

How Can You Correct Poor Form?

I’d suggest filming yourself performing the exercise, then watching a professional on youtube and making comparisons. Once you’ve spotted errors, you can adapt accordingly.

8. Progressive Overload

What Is Progressive Overload?

Progressive overload refers to in the words of Greg Doucette, “Do better than last time!”. For example, in your last workout, you benched 60kg for 10 reps. In your next workout, try benching 60kg for 15 reps. It’s simply continual progress.

tips on how to exercise

The Importance Of Progressive Overload

In terms of tips on how to exercise, progressive overload tends to be forgotten, but not with me. Progressive overload is the only way you’re going to progress with exercise. How can you expect to get better, without doing better?

How do You Progressively Overload?

Progressive overloading can be accomplished in many different ways. The main way is by adding reps and weight. However, you can do other things such as:

  • Increase Time Under Tension
  • Add Extra Sets
  • Add Extra Exercises
  • Increase Duration
  • Increase Training Frequency

Match progressive overloading with your goals. For example, If you want to improve your 1km run speed, you could increase the speed of the treadmill each session. I cover this in more detail in my beginners’ workout program.

9. Tracking Progress

The Importance Of Tracking Progress

All of my tips on how to exercise properly would be useless without progress. So, why let your progress disappear into the wind? Tracking your progress is great for you seeing how far you’ve come.

tips on how to exercise

What Should You Track?

Personally, I track each and every rep, set and exercise. But, you can track many things such as:

  • Weight
  • Bodyfat %
  • Lean Muscle Tissue
  • Duration
  • Frequency
  • Consistency
  • Appearance

There are many ways you can track your progress, just remember to track what matters to you.

How To Track Your Progress

I like to use a workout app called ‘Strong’. But, you can track your progress with a simple pen and notepad if you prefer the more traditional route.

10. Supplementation

What Are Supplements?

Supplements in the fitness industry generally refer to; an oil, capsule, gel or powder that supplements for a certain nutrient missing from your diet. Or, a nutrient that you want to increase consumption of more accessibly than via diet alone.

tips on how to exercise

How Supplements Can Help

Supplements can be extremely useful when exercising. They can help with:

  • Recovery
  • Protein Intake
  • Sleep
  • Vitality
  • Endurance
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Building Muscle

These are a few of the main examples, but realistically there are an untold amount of possible benefits.

Suggested Supplements

To keep it simple, here are the supplements I use recommend:

(consult your doctor before using any dietary supplements)

  1. CBD Oil – Quality sleep, Recovery, Stress Relief, & Higher Testosterone
  2. Protein Powder – Increased Muscle Growth & Recovery
  3. Vitamin D3 – Optimisesed Testosterone, Brain Function & Mobility
  4. Creatine – Increased Strength, Muscle Growth & Durability
  5. Zinc – Increased Vitality, Testosterone & Immunity

Once again, there are too many supplements to list. But, here are some that I recommend and use daily.


There you have it. My top ten tips on how to exercise properly and efficiently.

As I said at the start everyone is different, but generally, these tips will apply to most.

So, now it’s up to you! Take these tips, get out there and crush your exercise goals. Till next time!

Your coach, Jack.

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