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Discover Our Beginner Workout to Start Turning Around Your Health!

Fitness. What does it mean to be fit? How do I get fit? These are all questions that we’ve asked ourselves. Whether you’re in a bit of a rut, want to lose fat, or just simply want to improve your health. Fitness is certainly part of the answer.

But there are many parts of ‘fitness’ as you’ll see in the beginner workout guide. However, there are 2 main cogs in the machine; diet and exercise.

There are other minor parts of the machine that make up the final ‘20%’ let’s say. Such as maximising your natural testosterone by eating conveniently named, ‘testosterone food‘. The food on that list is great for boosting your natural levels of Testosterone whilst keeping you fit and healthy.

There’s also curtain supplements that can be beneficial in aiding your fitness journey. As you’ll see in this Pure Sport CBD review I discuss the positive experience I had with the Muscle & Joint cream. Especially in aiding recovery and pain reduction. Or you could want certain muscle gainer supplements to assist you in building mass naturally.

So, now that the major players have been exposed. I’m going to divulge into the nitty-gritty of how to really turn around your health for the better. No matter where you are in life this article will certainly give you a head start.


Diet is a very misunderstood topic. But no one can be blamed in this modern day age and commercial environment. Where everything and anything can be spouted as the next best diet ‘to get shredded’ or ‘get huge’.

In reality all the fad diets out there such as; Atkins, Keto and whatever other crap that’s floating around. Is just good for one thing, being unsustainable.

The only thing you need to know is; eat in a calorie deficit if you want to lose weight. Eat at maintenance calories if you want to sustain your current weight. And finally if you want to increase your weight, (not necessarily muscle) eat more than your body needs to sustain itself!

I go into extra detail of how to eat a calorie deficit in the beginner workout guide. Also, I’ll discuss how you can still eat whatever you want as long as you’re in a calorie deficit. In my weight loss for woman guide. This information applies to everyone! I’m talking to you men.

There’s also other aspects of dieting when it comes to turning around your health. Such as eating specific foods to naturally give your testosterone a significant boost. Such as Oysters and many more detailed in the Testosterone food cheat-sheet.


Exercise is the other main side of this holy unity we call fitness. Another vastly misunderstood topic, but not as bad as dieting as a whole. Exercise can be utilised in many ways depending on your goals.

For example, as I said. Depending on your goals you’ll train very differently. In terms of only weightlifting, say you wanted to be a strongman. You’d focus on heavyweight movements like the ones in the best compound exercises guide. And lift only heavy weight for lower reps.

If you wanted an aesthetic physique you would follow the guidelines in the beginner workout program. Or lastly, if you wanted to be an endurance athlete you’d need to lift lighter weight for higher reps.

Exercise consists of 2 types; aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic is what you would call low impact steady state cardio (LISS). So jogging would be a good example. Whereas, anaerobic is more explosive – a perfect example would be weightlifting.

These 2 different types of exercise can be used for different goals. In my many years of experience of training people. Men especially go for the goal of an ‘aesthetic physique’. So they would focus generally on anaerobic exercises with some aerobic exercise. Such as the exercises in the upper chest workout guide and the isolation exercises guide for an aesthetic physique.

Whereas woman generally go for the option of not lifting ‘heavy ass weight’ and becoming jacked. So they tend to (in my experience), go for more aerobic exercises with some anaerobic aspect. For more of a fat loss and toning centred approach. As seen in the weight loss guide for woman.

Supplementation & Lifestyle

Now the topic of supplements and living a healthy lifestyle. Supplements have the added benefit of providing you that additional support whilst training and dieting. I mean of course (non-steroidal) supplements.

Throughout the years I’ve used many natural supplements and just generally experimented with what benefits I can attain. Although I must say this now, many are at best useless or at worst just damaging to your progress or health!

The only supplements in terms of lifting you’ll ever need are on the muscle gainer supplements guide. Where I’ve only included supplements that I find beneficial and useful. You can use these in many respects. Wether you need a pump before the gym or maybe help with your protein intake, supplements can help you.

The only other supplement I find beneficial and have found a substantial use in is CBD. Though fairly new to the market, CBD has worked miracles for me, miracles. I outlined in detail on the Pure Sport CBD review, of how it alleviated soreness and even pain that has bugged me for years.


On to lifestyle, when turning your health around it’s very important to first, just flat-out quit smoking (if you do). I was once a smoker, starting off socially and progressing to everyday use. I noticed my teeth going yellow and my skin looking horrible. Not only will it shorten your life but your health and good-looks will vastly deteriorate.

Secondly, it’s best to minimise your alcohol intake. We all like to blow off steam with friends. But as a rule alcohol should not be present in our daily lives.

Lastly, sleep! Sleep plays a vital role in many aspects of your life. Such as; mood regulation, muscle building and the health of your skin. Just to name a few.

It’s absolutely crucial to get good quality sleep. You can do this by stopping screen time 1 hour before bed, making sure your bedroom is pitch-black. And blocking out as much noise as possible.

Like most people, I struggle to sleep. So have turned to the wonderful world of supplements. And have settled on CBD once again. It makes me not only nod off, but also sleep like a baby and feel refreshed in the morning. I took CBD with the goal of sleeping better. For 14 days I tried CBD drops and reviewed my experience here – Pure Sport CBD review.


There are many aspects to think of when it comes to turning your health around. But it starts with the basics here. For a more in-depth view on the basics of living a healthy life. And also the basics of getting into dieting/lifting be sure to check out the beginner workout routine.