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The Comprehensive Fitness Directory & Workouts

A fitness directory. The bible to the average gym bro (definition found in this beginner workout guide). Or in this case an all you need to know a-z guide to what’s involved in aspects of modern day ‘gym’ focused lifestyle.

Although fitness can be many, many things. And used for such things such as muscle growth, weight loss as in the weight loss programs for woman guide, or even eating the right foods to boost your testosterone levels as seen in testosterone foods list.

In this case I’m going to be specifically focusing on lifting. However, that’s not to say that’s all that will be included. For a comprehensive guide to becoming a fully fledged gym bro, you must check out the beginner workout guide.

For a brief introduction, there are three main aspects of modern day fitness. Those three aspects are; Weightlifting, Cardio and Diet / Supplements including CBD! Which helped me massively in recovery as you can see here in the Pure Sport CBD review.

They all must come together in a trifecta for you to be able to reach your ultimate health and aesthetic goals.
Usually speaking, lifting takes the limelight and is shunned by the other 2 but you’ll soon see the importance of cardio and diet.

Fitness directory: Weightlifting

Weightlifting can be defined simply as; ‘A sport or activity where the individual proceeds to lift heavy objects for health and fitness or competitive reasons.’

Although there’s a lot more involved than just lifting heavy stuff! There are compound movements as seen in the best compound exercise’s guide. There’s isolation exercises, specific gym jargon and different type of equipment that’s used. Such as barbells, dumbbells, machines and treadmills. There’s a comprehensive glossary in the beginner workout guide.

It’s also important to choose specific exercises and workouts for the body part you’re trying to target. For example if you wanted to build bigger legs you’d follow something like this leg day workout. Or if you wanted to build a strong lower chest, you’d follow the lower chest workout guide.

So as you can see, lifting has much more to it that just picking something up and putting it down. When you have all the elements understood and incorporated into a good workout program you’ll get great results.

If you don’t have time to put together a well detailed weightlifting program, you can steal mine! I’ve put together a few really great ones if you ask me. My favourites being; the beginner workout guide, the 5 best compound exercises and lastly the ultimate isolation exercises.

Fitness Directory: Cardio

Cardio. Most people tend to have a love/hate relationship with cardio. But before I divulge into the different kinds of cardio, let’s get a definition. ‘Aerobic exercise is physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.’

As seen in the weight loss programs for woman, cardio is one out of two in the formula when it comes to fat loss. Though it may not be easy at first it is highly worthwhile to participate in cardio as often as possible.

Cardio is amazing for your health and has been shown to drastically increase a persons’ life span. Not only does it increase the lifespan but it has been shown over and over to prevent or reverse certain diseases.

There are 3500 calories in 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat. If you were to run for 45 minutes a day you would burn around 500 calories. With this in mind you could easily burn through that one pound in a week. And even more if you diet correctly.

If your primary objective is fat loss you must follow the guidelines from the beginner workout guide and the weight loss programs for woman. They apply university to all genders.

Fitness Directory: Diet & Supplements

Diet is arguably the most important factor of fitness. I would say it’s the easiest change to implement in your life to be ‘fitter’. When it comes to diet you can have many different objectives. Such as eating testosterone foods to raise your natural testosterone levels.

Or more obviously, you can eat a lower calorie diet for definite fat loss. You can follow the directions on the beginner workout guide. It’s as simple as eat fewer calories than your body needs.

Another thing you can eat for is to raise your testosterone levels. I briefly mentioned this, but in more detail you can eat things such as Oysters, fish and specific foods to naturally raise your overall Testosterone levels.

Another aspect of diet is supplementation. I’ve often spoken about my experiences with CBD. I tried Pure Sport CBD for a months and it changed my life. You can see my full review here on the Pure Sport CBD review.

Supplements can be used as muscle gainers to increase your protein intake which will subsequently better your muscle gaining abilities. My favourites are detailed in the best natural muscle gainer supplements.