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The Worlds Best Ladies Fitness Guide

The Worlds Best Ladies Fitness Guide

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An introduction to Ladies Fitness

Ladies fitness seems to be a bit overshadowed in the modern day testosterone fueled fitness environment. Especially in the gym, where men tend to like to think they’re in control.

Well, how wrong could they be? The answer is very wrong. I’ve seen woman weighing 140 lb’s completely destroy mens PR’s in Deadlifts, Bench and Squat records. Due to sheer dedication and just wanting it more!

So, this article is purely dedicated to ladies fitness. I’m going to go over my top 3 ladies fitness exercises and more. I’ve compiled this list from my many years of experience when it comes to training woman to get in better shape.

The three ladies fitness exercises are the most common I prescribe due to ladies fitness requests over the years. Such as, bigger Glutes, a tighter core or stronger Quads. However, this is just a general list. Of course all people are different!

Without further a-do, let’s jump into the best 3 ladies fitness exercises!

Ladies Fitness

Top 3 Ladies Fitness Exercises

1. Barbell Back Squat.

  • Approach the bar with your feet and hands shoulder width apart. Proceed to rest the bar on the back of your Neck and Traps without lifting the bar of the holders.
  • Now lift the bar up and take two steps back. Once you feel balanced, squat down with depth, try to get to a 90-degree angle or so your knees and bum are at meeting angles. Keep your head and chest up-right and straight.
  • Once you have reached a suitable depth, push back up with the emphasis on your heels and bum muscles (Glutes). Now repeat.

Squats are one of the best exercises you could do in terms of weightlifting. They are what’s called a compound movement, which means they work more than one muscle at any singular time. For more compound movements check out the best compound exercises list.

The barbell back squat will not only grow your Glutes (bum) very fast, but will also strengthen your Quads and tighten your Calves. And lastly it’s going to give you a strong healthy lower back. Meaning no more lower back pain, YAY!

2. Hamstring Curl (machine)

  • Approach the machine and lay down front first. Hold the hand grips and place your feet underneath the padded arm part of the machine.
  • Now proceed to curl the bar with your legs so you get a nice squeeze in your upper legs. Try to hold this squeeze for a couple seconds.
  • Now slowly release the padded bar so the squeeze releases gradually. Do not let it go suddenly as this could cause injury.

Hamstring curls are excellent for leg health and knee mobility. But most importantly is gives great aesthetic results and adds in providing shape to your lower Glutes and upper Legs.

The Hamstring curl will also help in supporting overall squat volume. Equating to a heavier squat, which means better gains!

3. Barbell Hip Thrusts

  • Lay on the floor with your back flat, and in a comfortable position. Place the barbell over your pelvis (about 2 inches down from your bellybutton). Place your hands on either side of the bar shoulder- width apart.
  • Now thrust your hips in an upwards motion. Do this slowly so there is a real squeeze on your glutes. Your back should stay on the ground whilst your hips make an arch.
  • Lastly, after you’ve held the squeeze for a few moments you can release and lower your hips back down to the floor. Now repeat.

Barbell hip thrusts are an ideal exercise for training and growing your glutes as they are something we call am isolation exercise. Isolation exercises ‘isolate’ a single muscle compared to compound movements which utilise more than one muscle whilst being performed. To learn more about isolation exercises you can see my top 5 picks of isolation exercises here.

In conjunction with the barbell back squat your Glutes will grow exponentially fast. It’s always great to combine isolation and compound movements together when it comes to muscle growth.

The Best Cardio – Ladies Fitness

Ah, the dreaded cardio section. I bet you hoped it wasn’t coming. Well sorry to bring the pain, but cardio is a necessary evil when it comes to fitness. Cardio is one of the 2 most effective tools we can use in the aim of loosing fat. The other being dieting of course.

Working out is one thing. But to show of those new gains you’ve worked so hard for, we’re going to have to tone the edges. Since this is a ladies’ fitness guide, I’ve chosen something accordingly.

I have picked the stair climber. Not only is this an excellent way to burn calories, it’s also going to build your glute and leg muscles at the same time! With the stair climber you can kill two birds with one stone.

The Stair Climber

  • Approach the stair climber machine and step up onto the steps whilst holding onto the hand bars.
  • Simply press ‘quick start’ on the machine or choose a specific set option.
  • Whilst holding onto the support bars walk up the steps accordingly. A good level to start with is 5.
  • Actively focus on your bum muscles when walking up the steps. This will activate your glutes much more effectively.
  • Try not to go too fast as this could cause injury.
Ladies Fitness Diet

Diet – Ladies Fitness

Diet is one of, if not the most important things when it comes to ladies fitness. Diet is a broad term that covers a lot. But what we’re most interested in is calories. This really is the only thing that matters.

All diets set out to achieve a calorie deficit. This is the only thing that will cause you to lose fat. I detailed thoroughly in the weight loss guide for woman you must be in a deficit to lose fat. When we’re in a deficit this is when our body uses our stored fat as energy.

So now you know the basics of why we need a calorie deficit. You may ask – “But Jack what do I eat to get into a calorie deficit?” My answer to that would be pretty much anything you like as long as you track the calories.

You can eat anything. Although things that keep you fuller for longer and things that are naturally low in calories are a much more sustainable route.

I have included 5 of my favourite low calorie dense meals in my weight loss programs for woman guide. Feel free to pinch them if it helps you!

ladies fitness cbd

Supplementation – Ladies fitness

Supplementation definitely has its place in the ladies’ fitness world. However, there’s a lot of crap out there. Such as ‘Rasberry Ketones’ and things of that nature.

Although they may have some small benefit, I don’t see much point from my own experience. However, this does not mean zero supplements work. Far from it.

One out of two I can truly suggest is CBD oil and cream. It may be hard to see why. So i’ll tell you, not only will CBD products alleviate stress but it’s also been proven to reduce your appetite and increase recovery time.

I wrote a Pure Sport CBD review. Where I tested Pure Sport CBD oil and cream for 30 days whilst noting my experiences. Good and bad, though there wasn’t much bad. You can see that here on the Pure Sport CBD review.

The other supplement that is worth investing in is Protein powder. Though this won’t get you ‘ripped’ as the advertising will try to convince you of. It is a matter of convenience. It allows you to quickly get a hit of protein in you. This will keep you full and aid in muscle gain. For my top 5 muscle gainer supplements click here.

A conclusion to ladies fitness

So we’ve covered the basics of ladies fitness. You now know the best 3 exercises, diet facts and supplements to get in great shape. The only thing next is for you to go for it! Which I know you can do. So get out there get it! All the best from me and I’ll see you on the next edition of Training Piit.

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