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The Ultimate Performance Food? It’s CBD. Read Our Pure Sport CBD Oil Review

Performance food? Is there such a thing as a ‘performance food’? How do we classify food as performance food? Diet and food in terms of fitness is a vastly misunderstood topic.

Food is obviously our main source of energy. But different foods can be eaten for specific objectives, as you’ll see in the Testosterone food guide

For example, if you’re expecting to lift heavy weights. That will be utilising fast twitch muscle fibres, such as the one in the lower chest workout guide. It may be wise to eat a diet consisting of high amounts of Creatine, such as meats. With the aim of increasing the levels of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) in your body.

Or, if you were to have a LISS workout (low intensity steady state) such as jogging. It may be wise to eat something with a high amount of Carbohydrates/Sugar. Such as a piece of fruit, white bread or pasta prior to working out. As the sugar or ‘glucose’ in the Carbohydrates are quickly broken down and transferred into a hormone called Insulin.

These are just a couple uses of food. But as I will explain below, there are many things we can use ‘performance foods’ for.

Performance Food for Dieting

Dieting is tough. I know that personally from years of trial and error. The fitness industry is a wash with all different types of theories as I’ve discussed in the beginner workout program. Such as eating only ‘bro foods’ which is basically just; Boiled Chicken, Broccoli and Brown rice. Sounds terrible right?

Well trust me, it is terrible. So what’s the solution when eating with the goal of dieting? Well, as you’ll see in my article about weight loss programs for woman, it comes down to 4 words: Low calorie dense foods!

Low calorie dense foods are going to firstly, keep you full. Secondly, lower your overall calorific intake. Finally, they’re going to satisfy you taste wise. If you follow my recipes that is. A few of my recipes are on my weight loss programs for woman post. They apply to you too fellas.

So, how can you use low calorie dense foods when dieting? Well, no matter what you do when dieting. You must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. To understand calories more in depth check out the diet section of the ultimate beginner workout.

The use of low calorie dense foods is that you can eat as much as possible and feel full and satiated. Depending on how long you diet and how big the deficit is, you probably won’t even feel like you’re dieting.

Performance food for Higher Testosterone

When it comes to the vital hormone for male sexual production and muscle mass; Testosterone. There are specific ‘performance foods’ we can ingest to heighten these levels. Such as the foods listed in the Testosterone foods guide.

High Testosterone levels in men have many proven positive benefits. As you can see the full list of benefits in the Testosterone foods guide. Just to name a few benefits; Better mood, better sleep, better muscle mass and better sexual production qualities. So naturally raising your Testosterone levels is a more than beneficial venture.

You can raise your Tesosterone levels mainly by 2 different ways; Diet and exercise. For your diet, you can include the Testosterone foods into your diet. For exercise, focus on compound exercises like these, and lift heavy!

There are 2 other components when it comes to raising your Testosterone naturally; Bettering your sleep and reducing your stress. You can do this by avoiding screen time 1 hour prior to bed and wearing a sleeping eye mask to block out all light.

In terms of stress you’ll have to find something yourself that relaxes you. It can be anything such as video games or meditating. For me it’s lifting weights, which incorporates with the 1st step!

Performance Foods for Sport

Now we move onto performance foods for sport. As I briefly mentioned at the intro to this article. Food is obviously our main source of energy but it can be used in many ways depending on our objective.

For example if you were to take part in some kind of anaerobic exercise, you’ll be performing fast and explosive movements. Such as sprinting or weightlifting, like in the leg day guide. Your type 2 muscle fibres would be utilised.

We can eat specifically with this in mind. By eating foods heavy in Creatine. That Creatine will then be transferred into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) and used as an energy source by your muscles. Foods heavy in Creatine are; Red meats, Poultry and pretty much all meat. Some higher than others.

Eating for aerobic exercise is different. Aerobic exercise is exercise that utilises type 1 muscle fibres for movement that is more long distance and less intense. A perfect example of this would be jogging. More aerobic or LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio for fat loss is listed in the beginner workout guide.

The way we eat for aerobic exercise is to have Carbohydrates in mind. The after product of Carbohydrates is Insulin. Which then transfers into Glycogen for our muscles to use in more long distance situations.

Performance Foods – CBD

Now lastly, how does CBD come into play with performance foods? Well, good question. CBD is a new age product that can be ingested in many different ways.

Some of which, could be adding drops of CBD Oil to a protein shake for example, or even adding a few drops of CBD oil to an omelette mix! The possibilities are endless.

As you’ll see in my Pure Sport CBD review I tried pure sport CBD for 30 days and it changed my life. It gave me the ability to finally get a good nights sleep.

Not only did the CBD help my sleep but it also improved my recovery, vastly. I applied the Muscle and Joint cream after each workout, I saw results after the first use. You can see more of the positive benefits I gained in my Pure Sport CBD review.

Not only does CBD improve sleep and recovery. In my Testosterone food cheat sheet you’ll see that another given benefit of taking CBD is higher natural testosterone levels due to lowered stress!